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Your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading you've discovered the Omega particle stream back to the alpha quadrant and Beyond Beyond here's your house the Anchorman of the Federation the doctor of the lithium. This is Jonathan began know it's pronounced Chronos Chronos. You spell with a Q. I don't make this up. It's anyway. Sorry, welcome to the Omega particle. I am your gracious host Jonathan weekend, and I was just talking to my podcast assist. We're talking about cronuts because today is the Klingon part 2 episode finally diving back into Klingon lore and history we kind of went away from it a little bit. We had some fun job. Bringing on some guests and then I'm doing lower decks reviews, but now we're getting back to the Klingons getting back to Worf and doing what we do best on this show bring you the best news and the top top content. Anyway, welcome to the podcast guys. I happy to be back again almost all the way. And so I'm excited. And yeah, I'm really pumped announced. I'm going to do like a spooky episode right before Halloween talking about the top 10 horror episodes of Star Trek and there are a lot surprisingly a lot of voyager's on that list. So I'm already starting to do research and show prep for that. So it's really fun a really enjoyable today. I'm joined by my friend Flint a grand Reservoir a Havana Edition. It's a nice little cigar nothing heavy or bold but it it's it's as nice smooth flavor. And if you're not in the cigars, you still wasted 30 seconds of your life. Yeah, so I'm going to touch into a log. A bit of news today just because everyone just needs to put on some seat belts before we get into the Klingon episode and I am of course talking about the man of the hour. Avery Brooks. Yes. There's been a huge rumor that Avery Brooks is going to come back and has been Benjamin Sisko from DS9 and he's probably going to be a Picard appearance or he's going to it's just.

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