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Takes a longer that's gone to homer for kurt suzuki and just like that jason vargas isn't another early hole it's three nothing atlanta the air for suzuki three runs in the first inning we're just to really bad bitches piano to i'm going to ball and then do a change of right down the middle for the homer and then last inning it's just kind of the same thing you know a couple of bad pitches that were a little bit up and that's a change up off of an eighty eight mile an hour fastball going to get it done that's called batting practice and that was not going to get it done you are right he's auditioning put a homerun derby will be the bp picture for kurt suzuki to get into the homerun derby for pete's sake eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six calls let's go ron and oyster bay starting off ronnie what's up hey guys how you doing good good i'm matt harvey i think he's absolutely right the party's over on him and to taking one step further you know you have to go home but can't stay here maybe madel understand that that signal he'll pick up wrote in the daily news this morning that that will be afraid that he's going to go across town to the bronx but a why would they wanna why would they bring him into something that's gelling so can't operate in fear of that anymore it's one thing to trade him there and willfully send him to the yankees it's another thing to cut him loose and have that happen and if that's what the well thinking they are just so remarkably shortsighted on it it's not even funny but also let's go just like just evaluate where they all right now right if you are the keys would you rather have matt harvey or domingo her mind because i'm going her mind all day absolutely anki is why would.

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