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Average hanford islanders like t wiggins as guys are bad shooters plus shooters three point shooters at least so it's like wherever towns go he has to be the spacing is standing there it's like i know he wants to be doing stuff but he can't because if he moves the fuck up the whole play he also just like that the end of the game they just they need to just throw him down the ball i dunno what goes through that hole like that last five minutes in regulation i think he got one touch and it was the one where he like almost lost it out of bounds because no one else was moving through to jimmy butler who just turned it over for no reason to even though towns was wide open in the corner like that could have ended the game at a lot at the they were especially jimmy butler gist exhausted my brother of free throw out that he's bet to like fall out the reference final stall him out like giving them like the fool tin seconds for him the baas all right jerry i thought for someone who missed too wide open threes i thought bailey it's played pretty well yeah they played six minutes at night he played pants excuse beg your pardon had three steals so that's pretty good though is a point there where denver would just come down the court and just immediately turn the ball over i think it was the second quarter they did it like five possessions in a row it was very strange strategy from mike malone's the strangest word i don't know if i'd be life i'm negative fan i don't know if i'm excited to bring mike malone beck not saying that this was like the missing the place was totally on him but.

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