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Sometimes on looney tunes and Disney honestly understandable. I Guess Yeah Eddie Eddie. You're up here again. Let's see here Between two right now but I think under pressure I'm going to go for Nemo low a little clown fish finding nemo. Where's the pressure coming from? Because because my the one I was going between was really good cable. Don't I'm not saying insane. Third AND BY THE WAY SCUBA Steve. Our executive is in in a referee uniform. Because there's any controversy will pick correct. Yes a whistle anti flag today. Oh so what's the difference the whistle and the flag. Boy Throw at the same time. The flag of visuals show these guys. Hey you did wrong Whistle is for the audience. Mike who's going to pick up the flag uh-huh okay your second round pick Ariel who else you draft whip first round. But he's still sitting here. I'm taking Simba. Oh my next amy. We need appeal. I guess you must have looked it. Up It is it's Winnie the Pooh Disney for sure. Yeah hundred percent. There's a ride at Disneyland and Disneyworld pick no flag on the play here. The GEEZ I didn't know I can't even get a good. I didn't know if it was even Disney but it's still because is winning through the books weren't written Disney book correct but I think Disney acquired them and made them into a movie was a business acquisition Disney of that. Even if it's a business I'm up. I think I'm GONNA go with. Oh I got a good one but I can get in the third round pick again. I know but I don't want to have. It is my third looking at my list of my second point. Okay I'M GONNA go with Aladdin. That was my my second pick. So that'll wrap up the second round. Now there's a different. You look at the list. WHO's sitting third? All Right Abba Mickey Mouse in Latin. Amy Has Cinderella under Ellen Winnie the Pooh much aerial and Simba and he has Elsa and Nemo Morgan as woody and Donald Duck. My question here is do I go with iron man. Oh Yeah Disney because Marvel owns Disney. That you could yet Disney bought them in two thousand nine so I think that would be okay research this. There's more than we did. I'M GONNA go with baby. Yoda as my third round pick you suck. Yeah Baby Coda so have Mickey Mouse Aladdin and baby. Yoda amy iron man's option. They GONNA be one. This is my favorite superhero movie seat as a character. So I'm either thinking now Ironman or Pinocchio I felt like I need to stay with the the character thing like the cartoony so I'm GonNa Go Pinocchio All right plush box final pig. Oh man my mom told me that women love. I love this person and I'm going Tinkerbell Interesting Eddie. We took my Aladdin and my baby iota. So I'm just I'm going to have to go my favorite Disney character of all time goofy Gars. Yeah and Morgan to your final fake. I gotta go with the Disney Princess. I'm going to go with the Milan. I haven't seen it so the process is considered in that realm. But that's not her like she's not wearing the dresses she's she's a warrior should kill people. Watch that coming out this year are there are teams. Have Mickey Mouse Aladdin and baby. Yoda Ami who's on your team Cinderella Winnie the Pooh and Pinocchio. What's Ariel Simba and Tinker Bell? Eddie Elsa from frozen Nemo and Gorge Goofy. Are we get an impression you do. Okay Oughta Morgan number two. I have what he Donald Duck and Milan. Okay you can go vote on the team. It's not just one pick but you can vote on the team that you like the best bobby bonds dot com in the next five to seven minutes. It'll be up there. Be Up there. It will on the list. It will be okay good on that already good comfortable. Yeah Bobby. BONES DOT com. How how do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of do worse. What's Mike Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from scratch mayor of a diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving health care and public schools. Now he's running for President and Mike's the change. We need from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from divisiveness to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable. Notable for results Mike Bloomberg knows how to lead to build to deliver to do. He'll win and unite this country. Mike will get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg Lemberg candidate for president and I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the American dream paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty bobby bones show. Let's go over to our producer. Raimondo Raimondo it. Got Over there in health. News Corona virus death toll at eight hundred and eleven. The virus has now claimed more lives the two thousand three SARS outbreak in New York career. Criminal who is on parole shot two COPs in separate incidents over the weekend and he's been arrested in off the streets now finally in weather news. Tornadoes high winds in days of torrential rain this weekend in Maryland Washington. DC Virginia states of emergency have been declared. Bobby bones show Jason in North Carolina is on the show. Hey Jason what's happening with you or morning First off lunchbox. You're awesome buddy appreciate it but secondly I can't remember several months ago. Maybe a year ago amy was doing notes news challenge and was just curious to know if she was still in that or she's still continuing to what's news was so what the bit was on. The air was hey. Can you go a week. Two weeks without hitting snooze and you did the challenge. Yeah you had a listener partner up with me as an accountability partner and we we powered through. I don't know about the listener but I am successfully no longer us newsletter and life is so much better. I make my bed every day and I do not snooze news and I love life how long ago it was a challenge probably a year long. You haven't snooze a year. I've been snoozed and I make my bed. Let's see I domain. There's been a few times where I have my bed when I go home from work. It drives me so crazy I had to go make my bed and I never had time to make my bed in the morning because I was always snoozing and I just I feel better. I did I ever snooze. I used to purposefully set my alarm at night with enough time to snooze five times and that was insane saying to me because you were just wasting time. You weren't getting through with many things but I thought I love that feeling. I thought but I didn't know what I didn't know. I just thought there was two kinds of people in the world but really there should be one high August twenty first twenty eighteen. Amy Said Tomorrow I start my new life. No more snoozing a listener named Jessica my accountability partner. Hashtag you snooze you lose August twenty first twenty eighteen over a year. How come on I sentenced tomorrow? I watched a new life. And and that's how I feel just said I feel like my life is a new. It's if you snooze. I can't even give it. Just try not snoozing because I promise you how do you feel about that. Oh I love it. I think I think it's great that she's continuing to My wife's a big snooze her and I get onto her all the time player this podcast tell her tell her from one to another life. Life is too short. Oh my all of a sudden is giving ted talks on snoozing acres. It's so impactful you don't realize the experience. You can't speak on behalf of Snooze Irs. 'cause you never snooze not notice about snoozing thing is I always losing all right. Hey Jason Thank you guys want to do another update on on Producer Eddie or video producer. You know we gave him the challenge of reading a fifteen minutes a night Eddie. Wanted to be a new reader at the beginning of this year and I said.

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