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You've seen far recently out shape I have, and he's done anyway, study was hacked a few minutes later. I will say this, that did get the juices flowing. Everybody air Negra said it was the most fun. He's had for brief period in the I will say this in the seventeen years, that I've done the NFL not we're gonna believe it or seventeenth season, coming up crazy graduate, so and the eight years that I did the daily grind of NFL total access. Nobody made me late home. More than Brett farve or woke us up Royer. O was as close as anybody te'o with his sit ups and his push up that whole. Yeah. And, you know, eighteen million reasons not to do whatever he did. And as I meant all that Teo would occasionally keep us late, but no body kept me late more. I'll never forget one New Year's Eve where again far was on the annual Willie won't me situation and he was playing New Year's Eve on a Sunday night game. And, you know, Souza's at a party when he getting out when you get out, and I'm like, I'll be there soon. And the whole crew was just like we got I mean, everyone was ready to go. I mean, it's a long football season at the very least New Year's Eve can we just at least have New Year's Eve, can we just at least one night, but it was a Sunday night football game. Andrew Kramer got the sound bite from far right after the game him saying on coming back, and we all celebrated like it was New Year's Eve. And we all looked around, like why don't we don't need to wait for his press podium press conference center? Let's go. Let's go is like the one time he actually did us a favor to get us the hell out of. Work. How many teams would take far right now for the nineteen seasons zero teams you think bucks would take far teams zero teams would take far zero point zero as their starting quarterback. Full blue tar ski, the man is the man. He came on the show, better shape than half the no still is a rocket arm. Chris, not everybody's like Brady. Good..

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