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Agreed exactly i mean all the dirty laundry is aired out but as soon as there's a white person that does an act that is an act of terrorism then it's all we should be sympathetic and they had issues and they needed help and they didn't have it available that does happen we blackley and my think is about that like black people a lot of time most of my black friends i mean brandon i know in your field you've experienced it you know missy piano view spirits that because you know we all went to is number one that's one way we experienced racism i mean there's not a there's not a black person that i know that graduated from pwi the did not experience that did not have an experience with overt prejudice or racism quibbling period i experience it on multiple levels i know white guy of why not did he pledged to black fraternity absolutely but i don't know why that experienced out now overt it was a hate crime in my opinion you know it was an act of racial terror because they could not tell from behind that he was a white guy you know and so the thing is about it like this is something that happens in this america and so why is it that we're held to different standards you know people always if y'all stop segregating ourselves yourselves we don't lie okay here's a conversation i recently right so bike week is coming up memorial day's bike week in myrtle beach and the week before memorial day if i'm not mistaken is harley week and so memorial day weekend after tends to be black bike week and so a lot of the white bikers alike will hidden just calling it black bike week racist well no because originally it was atlantic beach weekend and we couldn't celebrate which we couldn't do that which are y'all will let us in your establishments we couldn't party with fight bikers we couldn't do anything well we'll still keep an like that is race in it why should we as a people have to abandon our cultural norms are cultural phenomena are cultural gatherings our.

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