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President donald trump drew his chief of staff replacing rice priebus with homeland security secretary john kelly previous toll cnn's all blitzer the president wanted to go a different direction i think it's a good time to hit the reset button i think he was a right to hit the reset button and i think that it was a it was something that i think the white house a needs i think it's healthy and i support a minute emergency management officials have dallas shoot a mandatory evacuation order for visitors from hatteras island on north carolina's outer banks due to a widespread power outage it could take days repair visitors have to be out by six this morning but what the president will sign they recently passed russia's sanctions bill is reviewed it and the federal version passed by overwhelming majorities in congress and the crew barton and now this bloomberg sports update the yankees are in first in the alias after being tampa bay 6to1 aaron judge clubs thirtythird home run here he going to stand in miami for the major league lead masahiro tanaka took it from there taking it perfect game ended a sixth inning retiring the first seventeen battery faced ending with a careerbest fourteen strikeout guys love that i mean the last time you have run out there you know the obviously the lessons told on your body and is to see him dealing like that is is encouraging made his his last six or seven starts it have been pretty good um and that's encouraging joe girardi stanley's the red sox my half came in the east after boston has laws now five a sick listen to kansas city friday by final afforded to michael stock as the decisive below his thirty th homer of the year a threerun shot the mets and leg ab seattle 75 coming up with three in the eight at whatever turned from michael conforto it is ten of seattle kilmer's he's got twenty one for the year and homer for jay bruce as 27th on the season the mets acquired reliever ag romme's from the marlins for a pair prospects classic pick him or undergo alice and outfit ricardo assessment is before the game friday the mets adb loan thirteen saves and ranked twenty six th the majors in bullpen er ray david price the red sox placed on the.

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