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Oh, I know I going on octave going up. It's hard to it's hard to heap. Praise. I come from the airway. You don't really heap praise on rookies. You don't really project out. This is different generation is a lot of expectation and projection of the greatness before it actually arrives. And maybe sometimes it helps with confidence, but in in the area of our young players, I'd like to see them earn that. And I like to see them improve. And that's what the summers for. So no, he had he had some surgery and I know do I doubt that he he's putting in the work? No, because I think when you see LeBron James as a teammate and you see some of the other veterans that are coming in, you understand that you're going to have to earn your minutes regardless of last season while I, here's the issue too. Rick Fox here, the rich Eisen show. There's there's that team up north that just seems to unbeatable. Absolutely unbeatable. How would you deal with that? If you were in the NBA right now, there's another team that maybe you're not on that. Everybody thinks is on beatable and has proven to. As such. How do you do something? Well, you tap into the the fact that every season is a new season which brings a lot of moving pieces they do they do right now. Again, defending champions. Look, strongest can be on the ad because but they are now going to be heading into, I think fifty year if they make it to June and into the finals. I know what how taxing that is. I know how difficult that is now, the roster's deep. So it does give Steve Kerr, the flexibility of, you know, really parsing out those minutes responsibly throughout the season, the skilling talent levels. They're off the chart. So yes, they pose a difficult road to get by them, but it's not insurmountable. It really isn't. You know, some team, we saw it. Houston was doing. Some team will rise to level where they represent a challenge are the Lakers team not right now. Not today, but eighty two games a long way. And I wouldn't bet against LeBron James putting them in a position. And the reason I say that is, I mean, when I saw what he did last year as a leader to that cavalier team that literally blew up their roster in the middle of the season, I thought it was no way they would make it to the finals. And I know Eastern Conference, and you debate the conferences that we couldn't than the Western Conference, but he still was able to. Like a chess master, figure out the pieces he had to work with and get those guys working for each other. And and unfortunately, you know, he didn't have enough there with them and they fell short. But even in falling short, I still saw signs of him continuing to figure out he was his great needs. Great as he's ever been. Yeah. Yeah. And then that that may that is amazing. I mean, I've seen the greats I've played. I'm not. I was Larry bird's rookie Kevin, Mikhail's rookie in the old amp by how? How did that go was amazing. I mean, I, I mean, it was Larry Larry's last year. I mean, had his back and I watched him fight through his back challenges to get to the court every night. The preparation was there, and so I watched on. I gotta look at what it meant to be a pro in the game, and you know, and I spent some time with Mike from college days at Carolina. And so I saw the greats work Koby shack. I saw the greats mature and grow into their excellent. So it's, they're, they're going to get to see it in LeBron. LeBron is one of those guys, you know they can. He can drag. He can drag a group of men who are willing to actually follow. He can drag them to to to really, you know, championship level. I am mandated as this question to wrap up our association chat. Rick is the sports talk, radio, hot-button, subject of Michael, were LeBron who, right? I mean, I, I don't know how you deny either..

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