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Ken show. John kobylt Ken chiampou KFI, AM, six forty coming up after three o'clock in a story that is many months too late. The times over the weekend. Profile the fact that the gas tax money that horrendous tax increase years ago that we tried to repeal last November with prompt six a good sizable amount of it will be used on road diets, and they were getting people's reactions. I don't think that's right. My gas tax money is going to take away road lanes. This is not right now. You caught up thanks. Yeah. Yeah. We told you it was going to be used for that. May be the arguments about safety and all that crap. It was supposed to be only used to repair roads roads for cars until they sold it in every commercial they ran to be six and actually the headline in that using California gas tax to reduce traffic lanes question, Mark, not how it should be spent some say, some say. Some say I guess. Some they found one person. KFI recall. Correct, total lie a total rip off. It's been going on from the day they passed the tax. And they made it clear that, that was going to be the use that, that was the use of the tax that Garcetti ram through measuring them. It's all been used for ROY. Gridlock and said this is going to change everything for bike lanes. Some say stupid newspaper LA times is stupid, newspaper villa bigger chunk. Goes from mass transit, which nobody's using goes for road. Diets road diets, and, and the vagrant the rolling vagrant motels. We'll talk about all this after three o'clock, some say when it was looking for stories about same Clementi. What was going on north beach, which move in the move in the vagrants on Friday? What popped up on the Orange County? Register website was a beauty video homeless man. Safe stranded, baby shark near Puckett or San Clemente surf spot. I'm like, oh, God. Here we go. Oh, yeah. Right. That gets a media coverage say there's a good side to the vagrants. But when you read the story in actually has a slightly different twist. It's about a guy by the name, of course in Greer. He's the one that took the video, I took a photo of the guys tent when you look at the picture, it's a beautiful view of the ocean. He's popped it up on a sidewalk where there's actually a public bench. So, you know, you're not going to go there and sit on that bench. But anyway, I think John picture in front of you yet, but are the notices to move is posted on the back of one of the cement benches. But this guy's tent is in the middle. And apparently Carson Greer is the guy that apparently was there, I guess he's a surfer or something. And he said he's noticed is homeless. Guy's parked on the walkway with a view of the peer for some time. And then he saw the other day, I guess this Sunday may twenty six and he noticed him at the same spot for about a month. He's not heckling anybody. But then he noticed that the guy apparently was running up and back and forth between the sand and the surf and it looked like he was twenty to do something. So, I guess, Kyle, of course, kind of closer look. And he was saving the baby shark. He sprang into action. Apparently, I guess the baby shark got got beached. And apparently he tried to. He said here he tried to. I. He took off his shoes. Stood over the shark and then trying to figure out what to do he grabbed a nearby plastic chair and tried to push the shark to where the waves could wash it back. That didn't work. So we granted by the tail and then he's just pushed it back into the water. Well, great job now felt up your tent and well they'll get go. Get drug treatment go get a job. This guy. Carson career went to talk to the vagrant whose name is Kyle. And he said, that's not the first time I save something I pull I helped out a large Stingray. That was on the shore with a hook in its mouth. And when I was patting, the sting Stingray to stimulated to start moving a bunch of babies started popping out. That's quite a story, how baby stingrays came either that or he was smoking some mushrooms. But when babies coming out of the rhetoric could be when asked why he was staying on the walkway despite the designated camping area setup Friday for homeless on the north end of town. He said he was testing them out to see how long he could stay well by ten AM tent was gone. He was nowhere to be found that they move this onto, and even Greer. The guy that made the video said, I know this guy's got a good head on his shoulder, but he should not be camping here testing the system. In knows what he's doing, and that's annoying. I don't want to hear any sob stories. I don't want to hear a any good good stories. You don't get to you don't get to live in tents in public areas, especially areas like the beach in the park, when you look at that picture of that says it all it's a public, it's public benches. Overlooking, the ocean tonight's view up the hill, there, nobody should be able to plop a tent right in front of it and live there, and what kind of insanity overtook us and the most heartening thing is that a day after they fumigated, the place, yet families using the beach families using the parks. Again, people parents with strollers wandering around, that's their park. That's their beach. That that's their land. It doesn't belong to these stinking. It doesn't just like, the, the park along the riverbed that, that was cleared out noticed two major areas cleared out because because the politicians did their jobs, simply did their jobs. And we shouldn't have a. Parade here standing ovation this is what they were hired to do. This is what they're paid to do. This is why they were elected when you when you get some public nuisance problem, you enforce the laws and empower the police and get everybody out of there now it could stop, stop hiding behind the skirts of some wacky judges, whose decisions are, are not what politicians claim. These decisions are anyway. Now, a completely different story about a beach to talk about. We go further on down the coast to San Diego County to imperial beach were, apparently they had to close significant portion of it, because one hundred ten million gallons of it's described as toxic stormwater have flowed north from Mexico into the waters off the California coast. This is not the first time we've talked about this before this happens constantly it happens. All it's Tijuana sewage. Mexico's Tijuana river and because they do not have inadequate sewage system there and have not for a long time every time the conditions are right. The poop flows north, and how we are getting battered by the third world in a way that we haven't seen in our lifetime -solutely. They say this is a sewage attitude. One really, they can't build a sewage system with all the money. Or captured or diverted. Yeah. That's we put up with it. We put up with it here. The jackass is the holes in LA city council in the state legislature. They're chasing us around for plastic straws, right? But Mexico, one hundred and ten million gallons of raw sewage. Nobody says the peop- not hundred ten billion gallons, and that stuff's going to flow out into the ocean nothing. These San Diego County department of environmental health had to issue an order over the holiday weekend. That was expanding the closure, it's been in place for months for parts of imperial beach. And imagine that one of the biggest summer the holiday weekend, people go down there, and, oh, the sewage flow because we cannot get Mexico to adequately. Take care of the sewage and the Tijuana river. Which, by the way, if you don't remember this story is some of the problem is it's just dumped into the Tijuana river. It's like a notice flows right in there. Nobody in the corrupt Mexican government cares. Nobody in the car. US government cares. So they just do one hundred ten million gallons of sewage. Oh. You don't hear any environmental groups complain. This is one thing. I noticed environmental groups never criticize any sewage pollution garbage that comes from Mexico. It's the same way they never criticize any sewage pollution or garbage that comes from vagrants, you have all these protected classes, the last night, I went to Dodger Stadium. Okay. Twice twice. I ordered a soda went to the sea and realize, oh, they didn't give me a straw twice at to what back up the stairs to go get strong. Then the straws Dodger Stadium are the flimsiest pieces of crap that they crumble in your mouth. They crumble in the middle. We're, we're Benz. At what are they made of paper, hides, something less than paper, probably recycled, tissue, tissue or something? Yeah. A complete waste of time. And I'm sitting there, take two trips back and forth, just to get the damn straws because you have to ask for the straws they don't leave Matt anymore. And think what a pain in the ass this is. And then when you finally get the straw, the thing, practically dissolves you take three sips, and you feel the paper dissolving in your mouth, and I'm thinking how the hell's straw Dodger Stadium going to end up a turtles does. Anyway. How's that going to happen? God, just this world. When we come back if you probably heard by now there have been tornados hitting parts of the midwest. Severely one place that got hit is, but this is a great story that tells you exactly what people's priorities are coming up next. John and Ken KFI and Debra marquess news relatives of two murdered springs. Police officers have been testifying in the penalty phase of the trial, jurors are deciding whether recommended death sentence or life without parole for the man convicted earlier this month. The officers were shot to death in two thousand sixteen more than one hundred people in Pasadena.

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