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Maybe that is sort of helpful and be interested to hear your perspective on that. How that benefited? You can't Kinda SORTA moving in from. Being the attorney to heading equipped f function, but maybe what would be the ideal profile because? I personally don't think it's a banker gotta be careful here. I got a lot of good banking friends and and friends in the world that are not emanate attorney. I you know I just say this about having a background is in emanate attorney. You do have to have a very broad understanding of every aspect of the deal, obviously the legal right, that's the default you need to understand the legal risks, regulatory risks associated with a target company, their business, and your your clients owned business, and obviously the the legal appeasing sees in the documentation of a deal. That's right. That's why you're hired in the first place, but in order to you know. Evaluate. Dude, that's part of the your job effectively you also have to really understand the business deal, and what's most important to the client from a business perspective, and you need to understand the numbers you know you need to understand the targets today, actual statements and the dynamics at play in the targets financial, the financial that the the financial plan that the acquirer has going forward, so what the? Metrics and goals. You're trying to achieve and make sure that you're not doing anything from. From a deal terms perspective that's at odds with with those. Objectives and then you need to understand kind of the go forward business model how a company the combined is going to operate, so I'm referring to integration aspects, so you really need to have a broad. View of the entire. Transaction. And especially you know if you're a business, minded attorney, which will give myself a bit of pat on the back for some. Clients like me when I was doing that, that was a business major undergraduate school so I had that kind of background coming into to my career as an attorney and I i. I think it's a broad perspective that makes. FAMILY ATTORNEYS For the role of corporate development, if and when they make that transition, that's that's and I you know I can't be i..

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