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And we're gonna look back on this. The way we looked upon the impeachment of Donald Trump was that this year? Believe me, The memory is short. I think economically with 8.5 million jobs that cannot be filled. Market's going to stay at relatively high levels because of the liquid to be being pumped in and also the fact interest rates are so low that there's nowhere else to put your money and then America's gonna be strong and brave that Biden will become irrelevant and one more council member will be indicted. By March. Who is it? Wilson weatherman be mayor. Well, Chris Measurement is a great man created God. The people of Cincinnati have the sense that what Smitherman and office the problem is. He's not a Democrat. It's very, very hard to be elected to anything in the city of Cincinnati. Unless you're a Democrat. You gotta stop looking at labels. That's the problem People doing. Look at the character in the agenda of the individual as far as I'm concerned in the funny thing. Well, he is that I mentioned this midterm and way before all of the indictments came town. I was like, Are you going? You're going to go for the mayor. You should be mayor, and he's like no. And he decided what? Sure, And then he said no flat out. And then now, of course, everything has shifted and everything upside down Topsy turvy. He could be the man. He could be. I pray. You know if there's a God in heaven and Cincinnati needs leadership, Chris Smitherman is the guy that could make it happen. And despite your protestations, I think like the wind sent a pretty damn good job. I think. Wait a minute hated Mike DeWine. I like Mike. The one I heard you've been ripping on and painter told me you rip on him now. No, it makes sense. If it's him, I like Mike. I like my two. I do like Mike. He's gotten a lot of hate, and he's done the best I can. I would not. Look. I would not want that job. I would not want the president's job. I would want yours. But you will do it as long you are King. We know that you are the man Bill Cunningham. Do you carry around the Marconi Awards? Just randomly show them when people come over to the house, And why would I not invited to the big get together for Christmas? The house with Eddie and Rocky and Sloan e and everyone else. I mean, I'm not saying I was hurt. I feel a little I feel little into. I'm a sad really, really invited those who were big and strong, brave, courageous. I understand. I told Tater to get you the invite. I guess he didn't give it to you. Always going back to him. I understand. I understand about Happy Man. I'll tell you what. There's no reason other than be optimistic. I'm not pessimistic about anything. And I pray to God. That 21 is gonna be a lot better than 2020, which ends now an hour and 45 minutes. Almost has to be Bill Cunningham. We call him our Willie. He is a Marconi winner. He is a superstar and raking in the dollars playing some golf in Florida when the sun is up anyway, Although we had a full moon, you know you could have been doing that. Or who knows one of them walking out of right now I'm walking by Myself and 300 Acres. I take my walks late at night for about an hour. Looking to my left is a great moon up there. And it's about 81 degrees. Thank you for making time and sharing a little bit of this end of the Dumpster Fire That is has been 2020. And I look to see you next year, just like a six year old. I'm still enamored with the idea to say I'll see you next year. I don't know why, but it's the little things in life that I hold hope and enjoy. May you live long and prosper. I hope so. You as well, my friend. That's Bill Cunningham. Are Willie was sterling coming back your chance to get interactive alone. Oh, what you fell 2020 and what you see in the future for 2021 749 7800 the big £1.780 90 at Twitter on Twitter at Sterling Radio. Quick break! Come back 700 wlw. Rest Hopper. It is time for today's teaching. This isn't going to take long is it if while building a house a carpenter strikes and nail that bends, does the carpenter lose faith and all nails and stops building his house?.

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