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Just not a really erase that grab my attention as much as it should have done. But while you've got the tag manager for and this is the horse that I'm still waiting to put. I heard an article sat in my draft some WordPress for about two weeks now on horses to follow. And the amount of just stuff that's been part on top I've never actually got around depressing that publish button with a 100% certainty. There's no errors in there, but tag man was number three on the list for this host to follow. I'm a bit curious to see where he goes now because I didn't want horse. Now back to the 50s for the ballymore, but he shaped really nice like a Bartlett there. It's run over two miles and he's faded dramatically to finish, but I think if I remember, I remember comments that people have made the industry from days like Martin pike where he said that if a horse has stayed out, a short distance, it doesn't usually mean that they're not saying it means they want further and this horse will want further. There's no doubt about that. If you can drop winners ever, I practice the source at 25 to one when one of the punches down festival is a bit James gate in the bumper. So coaching. But you have to look for its form. There's a reason why that is source. Second to Amarillo sky and a point to point ever three miles. That's why I think he's definitely he's definitely going to stay. Whether it's barley or a bar that we don't know, he's shaping it to be slower in low type for Henry bromhead. So he wouldn't put it past the bar then I would probably go back both and they're big enough prices too now. He was further redemption day in his first bumper. That floors worked out well. Redemption day one with his head and his chest, but that was nice. Then he went on to Navin, and this is the race that really took me sort of grabbed me to back them to starts here now. He had and I've yet to see it now. He's had the worst route through a bumper I've ever seen. He's gone for a gap and he's been putting a sandwich but I'm trying to remember the horses now. I think one of them was one of my enjoyed my show and I think the other one might have been not binding and I don't quite know that. He's been put on a sandwich about two furlongs from home. He's had to be dragged all the way across the track, finding another gap. He's been stopped at that gap there, and finally when one big enough opens up, he's tried to go out a line he's only lost by 5 lengths. This horse wants to stay further in the source once to gallop on. It didn't work out for him as first time ever hurdles because the distance was too short. And the ground was yielding to soft. We don't know if that's his gig yet, but I'd be really, I wouldn't be put off talking about at all and he's the horse I'd definitely be taken out of the race and it would be valuable or Bartlett for me already at this early time. Or again, caught up in the chart on hype. We can not get caught up on each other. Of course, you can be one of the cool kids on Twitter and be like, people are talking too much about children. We want a dream. There's nothing wrong with wanting to dream. Yeah, potato race would be very interesting for tag man. He was very fresh at the weekend. And he went from traveling beautifully to just emptying. So he clearly needed that, Ron, and he very, very highlighted to force us to keep going with. Brazil, it's filled. So we see that the handicap form is able to be translated if you would like. That the Fred winter winner is able to come along. And win a grade three beating Phil door. It was having his comeback. Just in terms of how this sets up the rest of the season, Lee, what did you make of it? What did he end up having? 8 pounders. I think so. Look, we were talking about it me and our fellow was due to go chasing, is that right us? Yeah, chasing would be the one for him, yeah. Yeah, I don't know if he saw Willie stick down the head route. I'm unsure, but look, Brazil could only do what he done. Obviously got the weight actually like the horse had backed him in the children base and actually backed him first last one when it was set into the woolly Mulan sauce. I got me finger has been a bit or didn't go in again, but I thought receiving the way the other day I actually did think it turned over, but going forward the two of them filled all my coaches in and Brazil wouldn't be a main list for any of the top greater races to be honest. Yeah, I thought poor roach is coming afterwards about how he's a stare in the making and even talking about the mistake the field door made. I thought that was quite telling. I think he probably just wants people to be realistic about them and not to get over hyped. Yeah, yeah. For all that you want to try and be grounded. If you were to get carried away and say, oh well people are talking about for bond being a champion hurdler and Brazil has just beaten Phil door by three and a half legs. Therefore, ipso facto. He could be a champion of lords this season. That sort of was being tempered by that attitude of he's a stare in the making. I'm sorry. I have comments to make about this. Sorry if I've been interested. Brazil will be interested in for a cheltenham festival race potentially going down the line. We don't know how it's going to be shaping up. It wouldn't be the champion now, because he's out to give way to way, as we said there, a lot of weight to fill. I don't know what the handicap is going to do, but I won't have the other has done to him, haven't checked too far, but he was off one four two there. In my mind, he's not going to get too much there. Maybe three four pounds if you're being really harsh there. But I put some of the markers around one four 5 one four 6. Statement on the county of one four one. I wouldn't put Brazil away from doing something like that. It depends how he goes to the seasoning. He can turn into more of a same type of stuff, but a handicap is still got the ability to drop back into handicaps. Now he's on this grade three. I really wouldn't have an issue with that. And the biggest talking point for me is Phil door, I really like the source, and he's another one of my sort of horse to follow, but he's instantly in my list as a novice chaser because this is what Cornelius said. And the one column that has been coming out to me and I am sure I've wrote it down plenty of times and I'm sure he said it plenty of times is that he wants to make use of his four yard allowance over fences and that only happens until the new year he goes 5 isn't going to be allowed anymore. I'm really quite

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