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Leslie was hugely controversial so i think that is one for conventional for establish news organizations that reliability and their ability to demonstrate that they are checking what they're putting out there that was james rogers and robbing lustick with paul osborne on the monocle daily you're with the curators all monaco 24 the best of the last seven days handpicked by myself to'might wit's end henry reese sheridan henry time to some literary sustenance time to turn to the printed page lost weeks meet the brightest tom to gina gogean was joined by the necet nicholson who grew up and one of the uk's most eminent aristocratic and autistic families vanessa worked as an art historian and journalist before publishing have you been good in 2015 her debut memoir her second instalment a series of vignettes called the trace game was released earlier this year hey is explaining teacher gene of the story behind this heissel of her latest book the truth gain the title comes from a game i used to pay with my father and we used to ask each other questions and the only rule was that you had to all onto truthfully and what emerged was of course that often we didn't give truthful on says and i remembered a journey a very very vividly i remember this train journey to the south of france when i was about fifteen sixteen and playing the truth game with my father and the reason it stayed in my memory was because we started playing this game and i asked him i said apart from with mummy with my mother will you evan in love with somebody so much that you would have liked to marry them and i wrote this memory has stayed with me of his face that he became terribly sad and he said i was very much in love with somebody but i was not able to marry them and i was six cited by this 'cause i thought i said oh do i know her who was she you know i want the host.

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