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It's weird because it feels like depending on you know which piece of media you select to hear this story. mark is not included. In fact. I don't even think he's in the netflix documentary. Any speculation while they don't discuss the mark piece of the story at all. I'm not sure who did the documentary if it was the show's family that did it. I'm sure mark would have been involved in the documentary. I'm not sure if this came from dupont. Side or or a you know. Production company that You know in contact the showtime. They just to do the documentary. I don't know but for mark not to be part of the documentary about his brother. Dave is really unheard of. I'm not sure why it didn't happen. So apparently dupont had his sights set. Not only on mark. But on on david to and david had been coaching as an assistant coach at the university of oklahoma he'd also and even at the university of wisconsin madison. But eventually he goes from helping with the dupont program to actually moving to pennsylvania To help run a new training centre. That john dupont had constructed. And of course this is the famous foxcatcher facility. When did you first hear about fox. Catcher and then everybody was going to pennsylvania while when dave joined That was the first time i heard about it was it was in the wrestling newspapers. You know team fox just started. John dupont started club. A shot is one of the coaches. It's going to be premier wrestling club. All the best restaurants in the world will be part of it and It was a lot of news in the amateur wrestling street. So john dupont. Started a lot of buzz in amateur wrestling. This was a great opportunity for everyone that could join that club. It would be very beneficial on their careers. You know i'm going to veer into a territory here. That's a little weird to say out loud but just humor me in wrestling snot polite term but in wrestling these days. I guess forever guys have said. Oh you gotta go see so. And so there's money in their heels. That guy's a money. Mark john dupont was an amateur money. Mark right yes. I mean on dupont. He he wanted to be involved in wrestling when his mother was still alive but she wouldn't allow him to And when she asked the way is when john started the club so he actually waited for his mother passed away before he started but he wanted to have a club he was a big mark for amateur wrestling. He was a mark for sports. I mean john had other clubs. He had a swimming club at a pentathlon club on wrestling club. state of the art facilities right on the farm whereas mansion was it was incredible. You're from pennsylvania so when there is a an eccentric person like this in the area it feels like people would talk. Did you ever. Do you remember hearing anything about the dupont family. Good or bad before. You actually became acquainted with the foxcatcher concept. I just knew that the pod family was the family that you know you know in it or invented gunpowder for the civil war. They basically so that. That's how the name became really big and Dupont de pont chemical is depart foods. you know there's just so many it's just a popular name and johnson descended of that and You know knowing that you know that. John has a great deal of money and he contributed a lot of money to wrestle. Yeah a great deal of money is right. It's estimated at the time he was worth at least two hundred million dollars and Here's how variety described the relationship with john. And dave dupont was a lonely socially inept prance desperate to be embraced by his tough world class athletes as quote unquote one of them and dave sympathetic to the man strangeness and dependent on him for support for not only himself but his wife kids and the athletes he recruited on dupont's behalf was his favourite an open hearted bear of a man who not only embodied the athletic greatness to himself coveted but humored. The wealthy philanthropist joan wrestling dreams going so far as to coach him and competitions for which as all videos expose he was thoroughly unfit. Can you speak to that. Do you think this is a fair assessment of dupont. That he was lonely and socially inept and really wanted to be one of the boys. I think so i mean jonah didn't have a lot of friends and i think that him reaching out to the amateur wrestling community to swing community. The community was for him. The partaken other people. John was a loner. You know he lived on his mansion in his mansion is farm and didn't have a lot of contact with a lot of people and he was very private and So i could imagine that john was alone man. That's probably why he started his clubs. Is it true that they did like this I guess a fake tournament where guys would come in and quote unquote do the job for john dupont to.

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