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We're here today with a whole bunch of people from from BP and Parker drilling we have Andrew Coit and Steve Pink and Carl Shelvin from BP and Daniel Blydenburgh from Parker drilling. And we're all here today. Discuss an article that they co authored. And it's in world oil June issue starting on page forty seven. It's called Bp deploys drilling automation package on ALASKA'S NORTH SLOPE TO DECREASE Connection Times improve safety and efficiency. That's prolong title guys. Who came up with? That doesn't look conciliatory at all. Doesn't it's definitely input from a lot of us. Yeah Yeah Yeah well here to to get things started. We'll do we'll just go around in order. Andrew was start with you. Tell everybody who's listening who you are. What you do your company and kind of how you got so I graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. In two thousand ten two short stint in the defense industry and then decided to transition to oil and gas benefit over for almost ten years now started in drilling optimization and then our and got pulled into this automation business because it was the result of fourteen different acquisitions coming into an lovie and they needed help. Coalescing these into a singular technology so worked a lot in the field helping prove out developed this technology and then it became my job to deliver around the world. So ten years really. He looked like you're twenty five.

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