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Open letter From john My dear children and believe me that is all. Of you I consider myself a pretty. Patient guy, I mean look at the Grand Canyon millions of years to get it right Evolution boy nothing is slower than designing. That whole, Darwinian thing to take place sale by sale in gene by gene And I have been patient through your factions civilizations? Wars and, schemes and the countless ways did you take me for granted until you get yourselves into big. Trouble, again and again I want to let you know about some of the things that started taking me off First? Of. All your religious rival razor driving me up. A wall enough already let's get one thing straight these are your religion not mine that's great that's exactly like, Paul, Harvey, Yep did, you ever hear the. When he did the rest of the story the Andy Griffith no I remember? The Andy, Griffiths one a Mondo do you have the the Andy Griffith where he did the residents Fragrant memory away in the Blue Ridge hills of North Carolina On, a dusty country road thirty miles north west of pilot mountain Stay on that road It, is taking you home Chimes in your heart. Like. Window on a dark nice That rises from the mountain west back once. Brigadier Jambo community call now Everybody knows.

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