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Of these careers. Clock in and follow this job as history wherever you get your podcasts. You can listen ad free on the Amazon music or wondery app. Chris, you journey, it's been a footballing one, yes. But it's also sounds like it's been one of self actualisation, from being the only African American kid on almost every team you played on in Alabama to the multicultural squads in Germany and now the incredible diversity of Crystal Palace. I saw you shot a video during black history month where you went to a local class of kids in South London to talk about self love to talk about the power of their own identity. And it was really beautiful to witness, do you feel that the lessons you've learned in football have taught you those lessons about life and the importance of self love? Football is very much an opinion based sport. Everybody's going to have their opinions on who should play who shouldn't. But honestly, you know, for me, it's always been one of those things where if I've given a 100%, I know that I've done everything I can and I have to be okay with what happens at the end of the day. And growing up, you know, it's very easy to want to fit in, but it's very hard to stick to what you know artistic to what you love and to stick to being kind of the outsider in. No, I always felt like the outsider, but it's one of those things where I was okay with being that and I think the first thing of being this outsider is just kind of being okay with yourself and it took me a long time to be able to acknowledge that and to accept it, but looking back, I'm glad I didn't conform to the people around me and I didn't I didn't kind of follow the crowd because I wouldn't be here today. An infinite number of sticky notes helps her. Yeah, definitely. Seeing your goals and seeing kind of what you want to achieve in life or whether it's a goal that you want to get the day going to get through the day having read 20 pages of a book or it's, you know, I want to play Premier League football one day. It's like, it's good to have these things that seem tangible and being able to look at them every day. It's like, okay, I'm 1% better today because I did this. And I think that's something that really helped me. What's on the sticky note now, Chris. Yeah, it's the first one to stay healthy. The second one is to just give a 100% and everything I do, whether it's on the field off the field, whether it's, you know, whether it's a cooking class I'm taking or whether it's whatever it is, it's just to give a 100% and I think that day to be okay with what I did because I did that because I gave everything I could. Chris, last question for you. The incredible thing about your journey, the incredible thing about the wisdom that you've gleaned from it, is that you're still just 22 years old. And the speed of your journey has been immense, the distance you have traveled similar. And the incredible thing is you've got almost your whole career in front of you and it's funny to ask you to think retrospectively about any of this yet. But I do want to know, if you were to go back in time, and look at your 16 year old self in the eyes, what would you say? I probably said dream bigger, I think. Like I said, my whole life, I never even thought this was tangible. And so I was kind of almost limiting my goals and I'm not saying that I'm in a bad place at all, but I'm saying I wish I would have dreamt bigger and I guess maybe push myself just 1% harder because there's no telling where I could be now. But I think my parents always told me, you know, growing up if people aren't laughing at your dreams or your goals, then you haven't dreamt big enough and I think I had big goals, but I think that I could have just that much bigger, but I think because I wasn't you want everything now and when it doesn't come to you now, you kind of deflate to you and the FC Dallas trial very much deflated me, but now I put me on this path where I am where I am now and I'm grateful for it but also I wish that I had told myself that it was very much something that was possible. Chris Richards to embracing the laughter to walking apart with audacity and tenacity and confidence, honestly, it's an incredibly nourishing inspirational hour to spend in your company to you to your family to your brother in particular and to the mighty mighty Crystal Palace. Thanks man. Yeah, thank you all the pleasure. Courage. Up the palace and I mean it a massive thanks again to Cameron and tequila for helping make that conversation possible. It is the GF OP's from that most awarded tequila,

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