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Speech environment with your own version of reality. It's all coming up after this. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Janine Herbst. Hurricane Florence is likely to arrive on the southeastern US coast by Thursday, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia have all declared states of emergency NPR's, Jenny Beth right has more South Carolina. Governor Henry McMaster told reporters he submitted a request for federal emergency declaration in anticipation of Florence's potential impact. He said south Carolinians should start planning pretend assume presume, then he made major hurricane is going to hit the National Hurricane Center says Florence poses to life threatening risks storm surge on the coast and flooding inland. Dr Rick nab, hurricane expert at the Weather Channel urges people to pay attention to the roads later this week, even if they're far from the coast. No, the majority of inland. Flood fatalities occurred vehicle Florence is one of many storms currently traveling over the Atlantic and Pacific hurricane Olivia is also heading towards Hawaii, John. Katherine NPR news and Florence has maximum sustained winds of eighty five miles per hour with stronger gusts and is about seven hundred twenty miles from the coast of Muda swells. From the storm is generating is already being felt on the US east coast, the National Park Service and families of flight ninety three dedicated the tower avoi- sources memorial in a ceremony today in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It's a symbol of the bravery and sacrifice. Sean by the people killed when the plane was hijacked on September. Eleventh two thousand one the tower is a ninety three foot high concrete and steel structure with a wind chime for each of the forty passengers and crew killed when the aircraft was crashed into a rural field. Tom Ridge is the former governor of Pennsylvania and the first secretary of homeland security there will now be an everlasting concert by our heroes under the sky and under the stars were there reigns. Whether the sun shines the flight ninety three national memorial already includes a memorial plaza dedicated on the tenth anniversary in twenty eleven and a visitor centre. Dozens of people have been detained across Russia at protests against the government plan to raise the retirement age to get state pensions by five years. President Putin says the reforms are essential, but his popularity ratings have slipped because of them the BBC's, Sarah Raynsford has.

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