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Way they caught bt by the way they call it catch a lot of these guys to look at all the surveillance around the city and kind of start tracking outward from where the crime was committed and start looking for trucks and this when he went into the fedex they i'm sure they were able to catch catches plate number or something on some surveillance outside there but they also tracked him through his cell phone that you put the cell phone number in with the identification tag on the truck and it all the pieces all start coming together this guy owns this phone this owns the truck he was there and boom it kind of closes in on them so they kind of knew who he was and by their own admittance i don't know why they were saying they were watching him this guy's leaving bombs all over town that he's mailing them why you would just not go after him right away but i'm not law enforcement so who am i to second guess we don't know all of the details yet but that is the story and now the second story emerges the post bomber the media is trying to paint this guy as antiabortionist anti gay pro death penalty right wing nut and right now we don't know who he is i've seen a lot of irresponsible big names on tv locally and nationally speculating out the wazoo about nothing about something they know nothing about okay now we know he's mark anthony condit twenty four years old and not much more you go back to a blog that he wrote back in two thousand and twelve and he wasn't just ranting and raving it was a blog i it was called about me the section of the blog okay now this is just to be fair this is a mark anthony conduct who wrote this blog there's only one in how do you say guys isn't pflueger texas pflueger ville pflueger ville texas there's only one in pflueger ville texas there's only one who attended the school so they're assuming that this blog was written written by him okay now in the section of the blog called about me the right identifies himself by name okay and what you have going on there now he says and i quote i am not politically inclined i view myself as conservative but i don't think i.

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