Joe Biden, Vice President, Donald Trump discussed on America's Morning News


They have committed to making sure that there is a sufficient supply in the markets. And I'm confident that won't chief at Dell. Support the this policy that is consistent with their objectives. As well. Spiked following the news Iran's foreign ministry called it illegal saying rains intensified consultations with neighboring countries on the sanctions and Iran will make a decision soon. The supreme court set to hear arguments over the Trump administration's plan to ask about citizenship on the twenty twenty cents. How many seats states have in the house of representatives and their share a federal dollars over the next decade? Three federal courts have blocked the Commerce Department from adding the Question Nos courts ruled that the commerce secretary Wilbur Ross violated federal law on the way, he went about trying to add the question the courts found that millions of Hispanics and immigrants would go uncounted. The lower court judges dismissed Ross's contention that the questions needed to aid in the enforcement of the federal Voting Rights Act, California, Senator Kamla Harris's joined the call for President Trump's impeachment as five leading democratic presidential contenders. Clashed in a series of primetime town hall meetings that exposed deep divisions in party desperate to end the Trump presidency Harris's unexpected support for impeachment followed Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth warrants push for congress to begin the process to remove the president. It follows the release of the mullahs report Republican well, excuse me, twenty twenty democratic hopeful. Buddha. Judge also taking place in the CNN townhall. He said Trump should be impeached. But house speaker Nancy Pelosi says not so fast on a conference. Call with leaders last night, a Pelosi told Democrats they should focus on investigation rather than in peach mint. So that you can see the division. They're in the Democratic Party on what to do next. Well in Nevada democrat who accused Joe Biden touching her. Without permission is lashing out at the former vice president for joking about the matter as he considers a twenty twenty bid. In fact, we should hear any day. Now, a Matt Lucy floor tells Fox News Biden's been disrespectful said she published her recollections of their encounter in two thousand fourteen the basis of the behavior that I talked about was something much more serious than just a hug, that's where the conversation devolved into. But that's not where it started. We talked about the fact that I had no previous relationship with the vice president. That it was moments before a high profile event where I was opposed to speak to hundreds of people. It was unexpected. He was behind me he held onto my shoulders. He got close to my body from behind smelled, my hair, kissed my head all all moments before I was supposed to do this event. And that is hot a hug that is just unprofessional inappropriate behavior. No matter who does it. But certainly from at the time the second most powerful man in the country, and that conversation, I think really got lost. But my bigger point that I was trying to make is that this isn't just inappropriate behavior by the vice president United States. This is inappropriate behavior. No matter who does it. Now, Biden says he doesn't recall the encounter, but he has promised to learn from criticisms about his displays of affection. Since then though, he's joked about having permission to hug people after having promised he do a better job respecting personal boundaries. And years of increasingly deadly California. Wildfires of spurred lawmakers to consider regulations that would toughen local governments requirements for approving housing developments in high risk areas. A state Senate committee voted Monday to advance a measure requiring developers to increase fire protection plan for a vacuum. Or prepare for residents who may need a ride out of fires in safe areas. Local governments would also be required to try to make existing structures less likely to burn wildfire. Last fall, of course in paradise the deadliest US wildfire in a century killing eighty five people and destroying nearly fourteen thousand homes..

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