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Four michael pigmentation did you see jesse taylor yesterday on tough talk while i'm glad missing was boston as balls about his attire are he looked completely different but they kept panin back to when he was partying the seventy years ago he had a full head of hair i thought they gave them the perfect out and now look like the i thought that was at that there and say this is just a taylor's daddy look that much older when karen said everything okay with your flight he should should've said many lost my luggage there right that was the perfect out they did leave like now it's pretty good all right follow the money on twitter at ememy history today they're great guys marco make a quick what's up marco caputo likhotal down upon germany he'll get do because my sunny german in occupation it still gonna keep mum and of course had to fly to kill apply under taiwan one i'm dying here man who should who who forum which liberal book roof gi more like a to leno than you do a german there's no german at all the your son's germany should be rooting for journey but you're uh she lentil when you go medical phone waco nobody ever goes what part of germany's waco exactly las vegas opted other fis wto it's up the all right as he's out a team player we have the elti the rely on if we need to door budgets jason me will get to orlando from connecticut orlando with ghana and guys don't have a question i wanted to ask you guys for far israeli connor mayweather fight obviously only everyone seems really confident khan is going to go back to the us the guys think that that's a coach contractual type a deal which is why this that a like we're allowing you to fight mayweather but you gotta sign here that you will find one two maybe three five in is so you think december in against nate before tony ferguson.

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