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A long drive right field down the line toward the corner and gone again. Off the facing of the second deck number 27 for schwarber is fourth in two games. Dave jagler exasperated here on 1500 a.m., but that would be the only two runs Josiah gray gave up in a three two Nats victory in which he tossed a career high 11 strikeouts Dave Martinez. When he pounds the strike zone, like you did and can make pictures when he needs to. He gives us good outings all the time. The key is really trying to work ahead. Throw a strike one. When he does that, he's really effective. So was Luis Garcia with the game winning two run double in the 7th, the nationals go for the series victory with Joanna dome back on the mound from triple-A, the Orioles or winners of four straight after a two one win over the Texas Rangers, the mystics Elena delle donne returned to score 9 of her season high 26 points in a huge fourth quarter for an 85 66 victory in Atlanta. The vibe in Ashburn was positive as Terry mclaurin met with the media to discuss life after his new lucrative contract at all but makes him the face of the Washington commanders, but coach Ron Rivera says. There's still a couple other guys that we want to get taken care of because we really do believe in who they are. And in fact, in some situations, in some cases, you know, they're going to be playing into their last year, but it doesn't mean they're not wanted. Baker Mayfield no longer wanted in Cleveland so the browns dealt the former number one overall pick to Carolina for a conditional mid round pick in 2024. Rob woodfork WTO sports. Big drop is always four 46, Thursday morning July 7th. Welcome to WTO. Breaking news on WTO P. On the top stories we're following for you in just the last half hour breaking news, British prime minister Boris Johnson is apparently agreed to resign in the wake of ethics scandals and official in Johnson's dal mean street office confirms Johnson will announce his resignation formally later today. The BBC reports, he'll stay in office until the fall. In other news this morning the tipster helped Richmond police apparently interrupt a plot to attack the July 4th festivities Monday that a theater known as the dogwood Dell amphitheater in Richmond, Virginia. Officers say they arrested two men, confiscated guns and lots of ammunition. The national weather service now confirms this morning two tornadoes were spawned apparently by those storms that blew through our region on Tuesday this week and EF one touched down in a neighborhood north of buoy and prince George's county were told at a smaller twister, also touched down in a field in harwood, which is located in Anna renal county. Stay with WTO for more on these developing stories in just minutes. Thursday morning July 7th, where the time now is four 48. Good morning. I

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