A new story from Joyce Kaufman


The music. Die. So by Miss American Pie drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry. Then Goudeau boys would drink and whisky and write, sing in this the day that I die. This will be the day that I You right? Do you have faith in you believe in rock and roll music saved soul? Can you teach me You're in with him because I saw you dance and Jim, you both kicked off issues. Big teenage Brock and Buck with a carnation and a pickup truck. But The day you started singing in This American pie drove my Chevy to the levee rise in this movie the day that I die. This will be the day that I die. 10 years we've been on grows fat stone, but that's not to be just saying for the King and Queen and a Coke. Bottle changed voice came from you. And while the king was looking down, just this stone is thorny Crown Wass. Red marks. Wei Wei was saying. Machete to let this be the day that I had This will be the day that I had some swell miles. With just half time It was sweet perfume while sergeants played a munching tune way. Got a day. Field marching band. Today that these days that way place generation lost in space time. Jack. Be nimble, Jack. Be quick Jack fires. Watch him stage. My hands were clenched in. Bring that same like sex, right? With day today. The day that I met a girl who sing blues. And I asked for some happy news. She just smiled and turned I went down to the sacred store where are heard the music years before, But the man said the music Wouldn't play in the streets. The Children screamed, lovers cried and.

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