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The futures this morning fairly flat a mixed bag the s p 500 is down one point the nasdaq is down a point and a half and the dow is up three at this hour bbc news time five thirty nine president trump signs of the action his controversial plan to increase tariffs on steel and aluminum imports we spoke earlier this morning to correspondent bill zimper about what happens next well he's he's backing away on a lot of possibilities here are the announcement did come yesterday of a some question whether other policy would be ready to go and would be ready to sign by then but the announcement was made yesterday afternoon with exemptions for mexico and canada pending a nafta agreement now immediately canada said yeah the exemptions good but we're going to continue to push to have the tariffs dropped altogether mexico says the tariffs cannot be linked to nafta more than 100 congressional republicans have spoken out against the tariffs senator orrin hatch says he hopes congress can block the move altogether since the 2007 recession some big questions remain like where have jobs been the slowest in coming back at what positions are being filled dave barrett as story seven states had fewer jobs last year compared to what they had in the two thousand seven recession alabama west virginia in mississippi are the three states head of seen the most jobs lost in the least that have come back and says career builders michael irwin manufacturing production lowerskilled jobs were impacted by the lonestar state had a net job increase of nearly one point seven million over a decade texas continues to to be driven by technology and then the oil and gas in the west california suffered probably the biggest loss of jobs so you are actually seeing those jobs come back home healthy aides physical therapist sent web developers all showed some of the highest job growth dave barrett cbs news president obama could soon be coming to nikolic's flicks reports say both the former president and his wife michelle could soon be involved in a series of shows for netflixing about uplifting american stories either is moderators or in a production partnership role a senior advisor to the obama said yesterday it's very much in the works but the obamas have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire bc news time 541 time for us heads of.

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