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Continuing at a high of 91 right now, I'm going to call for 40% chance for storms on Friday, but rain chances could be going up. As a tropical wave moves well, just east of us by the end of the week with the extended five day forecast four times an hour. I'm Channel nine meteorologist Rusty McCray. I'm looking at 79 degrees right now. Lake Nona. It is 78 at Orlando's severe weather station. Paul crosses back with your safe touch. Security trip team traveled. Are we looking out there? Paul? Well, Scott, I think over the weekend we forgot how to drive because it's a lot of red out there right now. Eastbound, heavy slowing from before 27 past Champions Gate on I four. 1 92 to 5, 35 Kirkman o b, T and then the four way to Colonial If you make your way through downtown, westbound, heavy 46 8 after Lake Mary Boulevard and then again 4 34 down to Li Road that crash he spent on the four awaited John Young Parkway. I don't understand why they haven't gotten this out of the way yet. We still have a right lane shutdown and road rangers with the car facing the other way. On the left shoulder. This is a three mile backup. Starting at Hiawassee. This report sponsored by protest You like hot water when you're short on hot water, give protect air conditioning and plumbing service to call for 7 to 91 16 44 or online protest. Casey dot com With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time from the Wdbo Triple Team Traffic Center. I'm Paul Cross. Are you losing, sleep, tossing and turning. This isn't an ad for a new pillow or mattress. It's an offer to help put.

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