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Have I'm Peter King at Orlando international airport. Shutdown part of the group is getting paid Sheely is handing out flyers to flyers Representative says with no paychecks air. Traffic controllers tired, Oregon angry. They're also getting support. There's a lot of banks that have reached out to us at our giving interest free loans. We've had private citizens reach out to a saying what can we do to help? And we buy pizzas. You're also getting help from airline workers who were holding a food drive to help federal employees feed. Their families had New York Democrat Kirstin gillibrand to the mix of twenty twenty presidential candidates have to fight for our country. And all of us are called to do what it takes to restore what's been lost. We have to restore our standing in the world we have to restore that moral fiber. She's formed an exploratory committee. She says her healthcare tops our list of priorities early this morning. The Sears chairman succeeded in bankruptcy court with his five point two billion dollar takeover bid. A Ray of hope for forty five thousand workers at the chains. Four hundred twenty-five stores business analyst Jill Schlesinger. Right now, it looks like the company will emerge from bankruptcy. It'll have less debt, but it still faces very steep hurdles in trying to repay all the money. It owes and operate in a competitive landscape dominated by the likes of Amazon and WalMart. Creditors are still expected to raise objections before a bankruptcy judge gives a final ruling overseas. A second test in as many months for Britain's leader. I'm Vicki Barker in London where British Prime Minister Theresa may is facing a no confidence vote one day after her Brexit Bill suffered a record defeat. She's expected to survive the vote, but the no-confidence debate is eating up one more day on a clock that's ticking down to March twenty nine th that's the day Britain leaves the EU with or without a deal. Wall Street, the Dow is up one hundred thirty points. This is CBS news progressive insurance pick from a range of coverage options with the name your price tool to find a price that works for you. Find out more at Progresive dot com. This is.

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