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Make sure sources and methods are not compromise we talking about all of that now i just ran into someone from cleveland when i within michigan speaking at hillsdale college which stream the fleet life and he said if mukul it i said oh did you hear about that guy that was uh drunk and fell asleep at an intersection in in you put it was on youtube kinda went viral with it really and so um i told them to check it out and let's play a little bit goes on for a while but this is a gentleman who apparently fell asleep at an insects retired in didn't really feel like going home and getting into a like a bed and so he just kind of just it's a couple of these intersection in with happens but we're here i thought it was call european impeding traffic on the road fillings identical but what show forgave cars but way when i lived in cleveland i lived in a town pull maytham heights and made no road and psalm center worthy implicit were the nearest saw busy street where i live so this is not far from where i live for two years when i lived in cleveland all these carved back to cars all his and by way of only bonus he looked at eu you soon so what even yourself what problems on serve our committee work crime event somebody's watch love see assigned would've looked a long way what are you gonna drink i know i don't i don't unders i will understand oversight you're you're laws i'm just ohio have guys louie lawyer meters warrior care if you're just joining us no this is not next water stately union rebuttal okay okay okay so i'm afraid ago no an entrepreneur whose authority this free if you'd identify so i you do upi three the technologies i see your hands yes okay i need by the way this is from the officer's body warned camera would you activated prior to including his cruiser either under the authority nato hi how are you i'm officer patrick with south could police department you are who officer patrick with south euclid you will officer yes a police officers window briefing we just worked with north already which is not whether a which ground row with german authorities so i'm i'm i'm blake shelton i speak as we do so i'm i'm going to speak to you today so i just was.

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