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And i still vividly remember emails i got early on from students in italy and germany however probably the funniest email i ever got was from dudin i think a college student he said that he was listening to the show up lainya video game and got so engrossed in the show that he had to turn off the video game now those of you who have been listening for a while no one reason why this is funny is because he was trying to multitask in a way that we know our brains really can't do at any rate that one wounds always stuck out my mind because it's quite a compliment for somebody like me to realize they could get somebody turn off their video game science is a tough mitch for podcasting contents timeconsuming to create an it's hard to attract advertisers in fact recent hall of fame inductee marrone fogarty actually started out with a show about science but she changed over to grammar girl which is what she's famous for because she told me that creating science content was to heart and teeth timeconsuming in contrast i wanna take just a minute give a shout out to a couple of longterm science podcast who do their shows independently dr kiki sanford who's this week in science is still going strong and dr pamela gay whose astronomy cast is also still going strong they have both been podcasting longer than i have and have created many many more episodes hundreds of episodes more than i have this might partly because they both have cohosts.

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