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And there it is. Okay, not a big long list, but some certainly some meaningful names. We've got Dan Quinn. He's Nichols fifty-five today. Is One of the few guys. One of the few guys is good Trivia. You got a hat trick for this by the only in about twenty goals for the sends a Hattrick of course he did, but he's. He's one of the few guys. If any, you can name one of the few. For the senators. Leave! And then come back again. Wow how about that? I can think of. I can think of three other guys Sean mcgettigan boy I'd have to check that I. Don't think so I, think he left and left for good. Oh okay. Smoke, ago. SMOLINSKI NO! No one. No, no, oh. Jeez I'm not doing good on this one. One Guy was on the expansion sends, and then he finished his career with the sands, playing two or three seasons here. I surname guy. His surname is well when you see his surname. Hall? Of famer you're not thinking this guy. There's another how Nonni. Jody Hall Go. He came and went and gave it he. Came and went to game back. I believe Joe Corvo did all that's correct. Yes, Yup, and make Comrie came and went. I was going to say him right off the Bat, and then I got sidetracked by Karma. Was the first name I thought of data in the X of married Hannah Montana. NOPE, Hilary Duff. Yeah Hannah Montana is not no, no. No, that would be Miley Cyrus. while the which Hilary Duff was which one then which will was, she hillary duff. She would play. What was his show? She was on darn it. Oh, now you got me. She was Hannah Montana she had a show? Like Hannah Montana. She was accidentally. Somebody whatever lizzy McGuire lizzy McGuire there you go Dan Quinn's good Golfer and he has caddied for A. Like one of the. Top Five golfers in the world at one time. Did you know that? I do not. A person who should be special to your situation in life? Oh Ernie els. Yes. Caddy for any else, yeah. Ernie els has an autistic son and very very active down in the fundraising world so Yeah, COOL! That's very cool. Okay so the GWI- Fifty five. What else you got buddy? We Got Eric Carlson the big three zero turn cleanest week. Isn't that crazy? It's like swashbuckling kid. That you know. Everybody's so pumped about thirty years old. My goodness since still seven years left on that contract. And he's already had his. His era had his best season. Each had his best two or three seasons. He will never have a season. The Best Cs have forward will be like the fourth or fifth best of his career. Really done by done. Now. Watch more SAN. Jose Sharks Games and see what's going on, but certainly there's the guy can't stay healthy. That's you know whatever you think about his game right now in the state of it Yeah, it's got to be a concern for the sharks that well a they're. A high end lottery team, but to be that this superstar. They're paying king's ransom to stay healthy. He was never. Strong enough defensively ever even when he was here. Even it is best seasons. Strong enough defensively he, his whole game was about feet and stick right, quick stick quick feet, quick stick quick. That was his whole defensive play right, and once he lost a step or half a step. Forget about it now. He looks terrible. At times. You can watch them play. When pucks in the San Jose. Zone and you're watching the game on TV. Watch him. He's gliding around with his stick across his knees. Just of gliding staring at the Puck as no concept of defensive zone coverage oral. and. He's just never going to be the same player again. All right, we shall take our leave here in episode number fourteen by the way best number fourteen to Ottawa senator of all time is. Radic bunk. Not even close. You are correct. Sir, and he didn't even wear it his whole career he started with seventy six, and then changed in nineteen, Ninety, eight to number fourteen appear J. Jack Martin, were. That were right on the same page. You don't wear any of those stupid numbers, not right like Dag went from ninety one to. Nine. Correct and Bunka with all due respect well, he didn't exactly have a tough crowd to beat out. also number fourteen Brad Marsh Jeanniot wa Dave Hannan Andrei Massaro's Chris, Camp, Poli Colin. Greening Alex Burrows and Max Verano the latest to where it this past season, before being traded to the lakes organization, and with that we shall call it a day Greg. well-done as always. What's what's up? What's what's next on the sports schedule for you? It's been a week of sports movies for me. Okay I watched. major.

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