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What we need to face we'd like to pretend it isn't there but as he heard dr wax dean talk about don't do this because when you fail to see that your child is struggling with anxiety or you failed to help your child get help for his anxiety i e avoid his anxiety altogether you actually make that anxiety in your child worse so don't do that you know you will often hear me say don't parent out of fear parent at a strength particularly when it comes to emotional issues that your kids may be struggling with don't be afraid dive in help your kids if you feel your son or daughter whether there three or five or thirteen or even seventeen may be struggling with anxiety you see change it appetite change in their mood they're very agitated their irritable their grades are falling they just don't seem like themselves and you think that anxiety may be the issue i encourage you to start by calling your pediatrician and asking to comment and sit down and have a heart to heart you can talk with your paediatrician alone or you can bring your child either one is perfectly fine i actually recommend that you bring your child so that you can help your child deal with any kind of problem for right up front be very matter of fact pretend you're dealing with a child who may have a broken arm and talked very matter of fact about your concerns about him or her having anxiety then ask your pediatrician for recommendations for next steps your pediatrician may recommend that you go see a good therapist in your area make sure if you go to a therapist that that therapist as well versed in pediatric issues make sure you don't take your child to an adult therapist you want to make sure that you're that you're therapist knows how to deal with young kids teenage kids whatever aid your child is talk with your doctor about whether or not your child may need a sokaiya trysts does he need a medication should you have him valuated.

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