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I wasn't counting for something that you forgot about that was just for free. I paid shows syndicated today. Yeah. So in the movies will surprise you also because it seems like they're too readily available on platforms that don't pay anything all my whole career is just just like just dream it for nothing. Yeah, you don't even have to watch ads that I don't think for most of it. So every now and then some movie will cough up a a, a. Impressive. The great one, five figures, right? The point of what is happening. Oh, that's how can that be? I don't remember making that much. I did the film. The best one ever got was I got Johnny lucky, and I got cut out of the movie handcock before it even started filming share. So we'd been cast as these two characters who his great like scene where we're pinching handcock to put a Nike swoop on the moon. Oh, also great. And it was really funny and they're just like these obnoxious character, these advertising guys, but it was like a set piece in the middle of the movie show up on set. Peterberg director has no idea why were there no starts given lines. All the extras around seen scene is all you. Gotta look out the window in the wind is gonna blow out and a turn to the one of the producers. And I was like, what would happen to our our characters being Johnny of this big scene is like, oh my God, we cut that that we've got. We forgot to tell you really, you forgot forgotten because we're in war big, big movies. Sometimes they're so big. It's It's like like an an air. aircraft carrier who can't stop it. Right? Yeah. And but one of my best roads chicks ever, but then a giant check human for check. You didn't actually shoot Ono. I won't say Hancock. You'll me phone call the whole picture Hancock, but it was probably my best royalty of all time. Yeah. Well, that's a great question, and I'm had not been asked, so thank you for that. Are there any other projects you want to know if you're gonna be out of the book the name? Again, it's called Ronin Boyle and the bridge of riddles? Correct. Now, it's time for Kevin's pop quiz between five and fifteen points possible for each of the three questions. Once the final scores tabulated it'll be posted on our website along with the current standing of the top one hundred. Are you ready? People play along at home. I'm playing playing that. I'm playing now. Question number one, Keith, David, or David, Keith. Kief two. That's correct question to Carl weathers or the weather in bet. Carl weather's also correct. Final question Steve. No, yeah. Perfect. That was that was a real fade away at the buzzer fowl. That's it was it was something to do with if you can see your eyes when. Oh, thank you so much for pulling out of the grasp of the dragons. Always always a pleasure. Thank you pal. I can't wait to Priore the book on the way home on my phone while I'm driving. I'm gonna go get gonorrhea. The Denny's across the street. Not related. Nope. Not related to the in any way. Just happens to be what the sign says right above honestly, and truly thank you so much and for those of you. Still with us. I wanna thank Sam. Everyone's favorite engineer here at your will studios pleasure. That's mostly true Sam, and then everyone else, Matt, and here at ear, wolf, and Corey Levin, and post production and until next time and is always. Get outta my face. I'm Michael, Ian. I'm here to tell you that the Andy daily podcast pilot

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