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I go on there every day tuck heads dot com anyway jason says hello ross steve and bri i don't have a piggyback question to ross is outstanding interview with dave mason on episode at one forty but it did raise a question in my mind please see my amazon purchases below using the ross tucker amazon link here's the question the proponents have suggested increased regulation from the allowance of sports betting will increase the integrity of the game is it not reasonable to think that the people involved will either be the same people that regulated it when it was not legal or they will be inept due to a lack of experience similar to the judges for fights do you believe it is true that legalization will lead to decreased matchfixing and point shaving scandals why or why not steve i believe it will lead to decreased point shaving and fixing and the reason being let's say you're going to go ahead and fix the game so you get a referee and i hate to talk about the easiest way to do this but you get some minor game that off the raider like duquesne is playing dayton or somebody and you get to the referees and say you know we're we want this game to go over and all of a sudden every foul goes to the offense the block charge it's always a block and you t up both coaches and some other players but to get a lot of money down on the total like that to play the over it's difficult because the limits are smaller if you're betting it against bookies if you're betting offshore no one is really paying attention to who's betting it how much is being bad etc if it's being bet in the united states here in a regulated environment well sudden you've got these accounts that no one has ever played into or these people they're coming to the window or making bets and you're asking you know for their players card and you're tracking their bets and they've never made a bet before ross and magically someone shows up in delaware and they wanna bet duquesne date and over and they bet at seven times for the limit well that's a red flag that's a abetting pattern that just is not consistent with what that player has done in the.

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