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Half the team down in Clearwater, Florida. Taking on the Phillies right now Detroit on top though, five four and the fifth the other half in Jupiter battling with the cardinals. The tigers. Also leaving in that one three nothing in the sixth new tiger. Josh harrison. Meanwhile, a ninety seven one the ticket this morning. He admitted that he and his wife pretty excited to sign here. Say a family in the metro Detroit area. But the team's current state was the biggest factor in his decision for me. This was an opportunity to come and be healthy play. Second base every day and got a good friend of mine in Georgia who I talked to talk to throughout the process. So I meant it would be a good fit and at the other day minute's baseball. You gotta go out and play Geordie. Of course, the Tigers new shortstop Jordy Mercer Harrison, also, adding no he feels he will be a fan favorite here in the motor city because. Of how he plays the game. And he's honored to wear sweet lose number one. I used to play game. I'll say your call sports talk baseball and Detroit was like my favorite team because they had a pretty good hidden squat. Mickey title. It was you know, tram Lou Whitaker, and you know, a lot of names. And ironically, I remember he was the second basement. I wore number one, and it just seems fitting because I like to think of myself as somewhat of an old school player, but I can play new school as well. Turn into the NBA pistons back to work tonight the point their lone home game during the six game stretch, they bring the Pacers the Little Caesars arena teams entering tonight's game. Red hot Detroit's one six of seven Indiana's one eight of nine you can hear it on ninety seven. When the tickets starting at six thirty five that's knocking off Michigan yesterday in the first of two meetings this season Michigan state's moved up four spots and latest a people. They check in at number six wolverines dropping two places to number nine Gonzaga. Meanwhile, the number one team followed by Virginia do Kentucky and North Carolina run at the top five. Big ten is also announced that the rematch between Michigan and Michigan state March. Ninth has been flexed a prime time now tip off at eight o'clock in east Lansing..

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