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Yes i think about that with the mon mon whitman moyser boys kelly areas like is very poppy and it's i love it in its very fun but it's definitely like pure escapism yet and i listen to like other things i'm listeners new benkhaled rilo highly recently lead singer in and jenny lewis and everything signs i always your mind when you mentioned than the other day and the first thing i thought was kinda ran yeah i know i from star wars yeah yeah yeah rather kylie i think was came and went before kylo ren was ever invented but it is funny that they're like so similar yeah kind of fun i am so where where do these things these these fantasies come from that we uh that we have like if i could sum of minor pretty pretty dark but also very very specific via oh yeah colorful chris three we opting yeah we revolve around to see him fantasies out suffice sexual fantasies that are very often very similar and etc etc so a you know it in one sense i i try to think of it like when you're having a pharmacy you think it's for you but actually is a good question to ask is who she like i think of it looked like a theater and you're the director and your fantasies what's happening on the stage and there's oxley an audience so here's the audience to even if he take something in the and like you want to be rich for example you go well there's nothing inherently desirable i that i mean there's desirable elements you can have nicer stuff but the fact that that let me a team that is there somebody are having out fantasy four like his up is up maybe your family wanted you to be rich she thought thus what would make you desirable so our fantasies are often st aged four other people and it's interesting like if i want to be james bond who you might who do i want to be hasban for like wh who who he is he is looking at my found his i remember that bible quote which is where you call him bobble quotes.

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