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New news. July twenty six exceed says he has found out since he testified before the committee and closed doors that Gordon Sunland who was really kinda point person between president trump and the new Ukrainian mccranie. It's much more so than Taylor was never actually talked to. The president was on the phone in a restaurant in Ukraine with the president on July. Twenty six the day after the the trump visit Leninsky. Phone call And that he could over here. The staff member for Taylor could over here. The president set saying what about the investigations So clearly the investigations by Taylor thought the investigations into the Democrats in two thousand sixteen also The investigation into Biden. That was very much on the president's awesome. It's mine and then the aid asked Aslan Lynn what the president thought about Ukraine and this is a quote from detailer statement Ambassador Sunland in London responded to president. Trump cares more about the investigations of Biden. Which Giuliani was pressing for? He was asked about it. More than and Challenge that Ukraine. Yeah so look the facts are crystal-clear even Chris Wallace acknowledging it. Obviously we all he cared about was investigating his political opponent so this is a debate between all rational people who see the facts perfectly clearly and an insane asylum. It's like you you want to you. You go into an insane asylum okay. Who wants to debate politics? I probably a lot of them. Do Okay have fun. But what's important about Chris. Wallace's Wallis's he's inside the silent and he has a little bit of trust inside the silent so the patients are looking around going. Oh wait is that true. I heard it was triple hearsay. I I was told that I was supposed to look at squirrels. What happened right? So the fact that he's able to speak inside the SILOM Alam. I think might make a little bit of a difference. Exactly that's all you need. So let's move on to a Republican lawmaker. Who Actually got owned During this hearing thing and I really appreciated this moment because it perfectly illustrates how Democrats aren't playing. Finally they're coming out this from a strong position and so during the impeachment hearing the first public impeachment hearing into Donald Trump Jim Jordan wanted to make a big to do about the whistle blower who remains anonymous now as we know. Republicans are really latching onto a very weak and flimsy defense and part of that Defense Donald. Donald trump is well. We don't know who this whistle blower. Is this whistle. Blower could be a partisan. There could be some political motivations here now as we know the whistle blower at this point. It's completely irrelevant. Because we have multiple trump administration officials testifying against him in providing testimony about the quid pro quo between Donald trump up and Vladimir's Alinsky the president of Ukraine but nonetheless Jim Jordan goes up and decides to bring up the whistle blower checkout. How he gets responded to now? There is one witness one witness that they won't bring in front of us they won't bring in front of the American people that's the guy who started it all whistleblower. Thank you say to my colleague be glad to have the the person who started it all come in and testify. President trump is welcome and to take a seat right there. Oh owned Welsh for the win. Okay there's something about men from Vermont apparently. Yeah that's right so but look Substance of this. Let me give you an analogy. They keep saying the whistleblower the whistle blower the whistleblower is in essence. The Guy who called nine one one now then the cops show up and they do an investigation of crime time and let's say the crime in my analogy is murder and they have witnesses and they have three people say yeah. That guy came in and shot that guy in the head I saw what other ones says I saw two and it was all him it was and they have amazing evidence right and the defense for the for the defendant comes up and post road we gotta get that guy that gets the real problem right the judge and the jury would be like who who cares who called nine one one we have three witnesses saying your client shot the guy in the head. What wow what? How in the world is the guy who called nine one one relevant so? That's exactly what we have with the whistle blower hear the whistle blower says. Hey guys to check out this call. Seems like it's problematic. Then a swarm warm witnesses. Come in and go. Oh yeah no deal was. Trump wanted his political investigating the yield up military aid and they got him dead to rights of all these different witnesses. This is documents texts everything. But who's the whistleblower totally relevant bucket of squirrels. That's it all right. We're GONNA take a quick break when we come back left. Parnes Giuliani associate is Dishing all the dirt on his conversations with Donald Trump and it does does not look good for trump when it comes to this impeachment investigation. We'll give you the details on that and more when we return..

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