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Women who hate their lives are saying like your husband has a weak chin. And the guys do I have a weak Chit. And I just think it's like I think it's really hard for some for letters on in the business. We've been rejected as an actress I've been rejected million times had people say you ever weird. Look like, you know, if I was to go on it. There's nothing that they could say about me that I haven't heard already from other people. But I'm saying like if I was expose, you know, my kids. Or husband to it? I think that you know, that could hurt them. And then you had how do you tell how do you make your husband not wake up at four in the morning and just start looking at some comments. I was on real housewives in Brander pump for what a millisecond comparatively. And some of the things people said about me. I was like oh God. Like, I mean, just I mean, actually if you go to like Mark hurrying suggest, you know, like, yes. Google Mark Korean the suggested like things are hot. It's like marketing dwarfism, Mark rains height. Mark grains. Like like, it's just like real dwarfism? I mean, come on people. I know I'm not toll. I mean, I'm never going to be like, oh, I'm the tallest person in the room. Right. Warf ism. Come on nothing if you're dwarf. There's nothing wrong with it. Right. I'm clearly not at dwarf. And then I've had some people say some pretty awful things like people sit behind their computers and say, some pretty nasty things. Yeah. If you're not ready for that. It could really affect you. Yeah. And that's where I think that a marriage that is a little already a little shaky. Yeah. That can just tip it over. The edge. And I don't think people realize that that that is such an extra burden on the house housewife it takes on the role. No, like, they're they have to keep their families ego in check as well. And I think those are the thing. And that's why so many of them are divorced. And that's why so many of them are single or they try to work a deal with her husband's not featured. I mean isn't Kyle Kyle and Lisa how the only the only ones that. No, no, no, there's at least a Ridha is. But lease I mean, but then again he's in. But also, Harry is doing this for years had their wholesome reality show, but definitely ever watch a reality show. Yes. With the guys love. Yes. Or no. Yeah. I love her. I don't know if I'm allowed to say that either. No, I'm kidding. I love this arena. That show was not great. Well, it was like it was kind of, you know, construct whatever contrive. But I think that's your word contrived. You've said that several sorry, maybe it is. But anyway, talking. About reality shows guy, curated and contrive. But I think you know, it's interesting now because I feel the same way about Erica Jane's husband, like they're powerful their spun enough to just go look, I'll do one barbecue. Yeah. You know, not coming around 'cause all these events. We're normally the men would come around. And that's where some of the juiciest stuff would happen. They just don't come. Now. They just and or they know to not engage that'd be really flat. And then they won't be a part of it. But I also this year that one guy we'll that's what I'm saying. I felt bad for Emily because her husband, but he did not look good. It didn't it did not hugger. She was balling Ryan Newman toucher. So that's the thing. First of all, whether they stay married or not like, I wouldn't be surprised. This is my prediction, Emily, if she stays on the show their marriage will be in. Trouble. And if she leaves the show, it's because she wants to keep your marriage together. And they'll probably be ok I will say that Emily to me is the perfect prime example of someone. I would not as a friend allow to do the show. Emily, say, okay. And I think she seems lovely. I've never met her. Yeah. I think she seems lovely. But gosh, she is going through it right now talking about her husband. They're talking about her way. I think she's a beautiful woman a me to think she's beautiful..

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