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Our elected officials like you, Jamie, would you like to identify yourself with a lot of listeners in Gloucester and I would be more than my name. My name's Jamie O'Hara. I'm a city councilor at large and Gloucester have been put in my third term o R six year as a city councilor. Well, excellent lead. We talked before in the past in and you do a great job. But gentlemen, I can't say not for for what you have done. Obviously you given the ultimate sacrifice. As far as Johnny you You haven't obviously you wantto live. What you've gone through is how Helen back On DH. The deal is you have explained that your your life can can end in a moment. And you have shown and explain that tonight and so many people forget that so many people forget What's exactly exactly what we're trying to do Everything to make people understand, Jamie, if you run for higher office, let me know. We need more for elected officials like you. Thank you so much. And you haven't seen and thank you, gentlemen. Thank you. Lucky to have you Yeah, I'll tell you Let's go to Lucille in Rhode Island, Lucille. Welcome your next on night side. Youre on the rink. Central. Nice. I call a line. Go ahead, Lucille. My Rio Maqbool, Lucy, or remember me from Tennison Road. I love you Remember, May now I'm in Rhode Island. I was forced out of the Somerville be a cold day and how I go back and could've pony He treated your rotten You remember me? He's supposed to be. So you used to take it Mother shop, and I know your Aunt Marie and gave it to Toro and your cousin David's a policeman again, which Yeah. Mario, You remember millions till you call me anytime, Okay? That's right. Kanan Road on the right part of the firehouse. I mean, I was forced out. He basically the $1,000,003,000 fortune under more. How do you like that? Theo? Only way I could get a house in if I sleep in a pack 81 years old, Mamma Mia! I'm gonna go weapon in the back like John. I'm over to see him with their beautiful DiNapoli over there. Wait, Go! Thank you. Mother hugging kids for me, Mario. You know we'll do that. Thank you in village paper, phony. Why don't you go right up into the sun? Step eyes, Not my favorite. Eva. Lucy. You'll have a great night, okay? Whoa! You never know who's listening. Mario Dennis's in Brockton like Dennis, Welcome Your next tonight, said. That's a tough, tough call to follow. Dennis Corretta head. It's a very tough called swallow. Cabrio and I want to say, Hold again, and I want to stay home because of Bobby. My name is Dennis did happily retired a doing implant. Glad you're doing well, the both you cash Listen, I just want you to just have a city council on just to call before me when I were a City council what number one priority. His public safety. And de funding. The police department is just not the way to go. You need support of police and fire in every community across this country. I just want to bring that up. Couldn't agree with you more. Did you say that you had been on the job as well? Dennis? I sure did. A TV is in the city. I'm retired. Now look, and I missed it as well. You a police officer as well. No, no, no, Just the city Council. Oh, God. No problem. No. Well, I please. I say thank you for your work on that I wasn't sure if you also if there was another Dean Apple, the DiNapoli, Tina Napoli Napoli on the in the in the on the job. Thank thanks so much, Dennis. Appreciate you call. We got a lot of calls, so I want to get to as many as we possibly can. Let's go next to Ah, Mark in Grafton. Mark, you are on with my guests. Tonight, 22 heroes Mario Olivera and Bob DiNapoli read ahead. Thank you, Dan. I could not agree more so full disclosure. Mark Lady, executive director for the Massachusetts Police Association, Mario thanks again Great today. Listen, Dan. Story that these guys tell is one that makes the hair stand up on my arms after being a cop for 40 years. But here's the travesty and they touched down at earlier. They had to fight to get the disability retirement that they needed to be able to maintain. A reasonable standard of living for their families, and that's a crime. It's certain that, uh, these guys were out there. Filling their duties in their role as guardians of their community. They put their lives on the line and we just can't get that legislation, which is for us in the names of these two guys. Across the line. It's sitting in ways and means Die. There will be back violated again in January. What These guys have to go out and fight. 72% after you've been so gravely wounded. Isn't injustice, no doubt, but I hope that people remember that. I mean, we all got tremendous mark. I just heard in the news cast at 9 30 that they have extended the legislative session, which is a good thing. Maybe The the extent that session will give you more often opportunity, too. To get that piece of legislation passed. And if you want to give me a call of Sami an email nightside. If there's anything that we can do here to rally support for that. Let's do it. You know, let's face it the extension. I know it's been said that it's you know, in the name of Kobe's night thing. And I think it's more the way things are going lately, too. Just be ableto thoroughly cut the legs out from under police officers in the Commonwealth, But yeah, we'll make a positive outlook and I'd be happy to follow through with that. Well, but these guys Look, you really are listening to two heroes and their stories. Stories. You're just hair raising. So let's make sure they can live their lives in comfort at 100%. Nothing for what these two men have given to their communities. Couldn't agree with you more could not be more bark to me. Thank you. Leave. Do me a favor and just leave your Your phone number with, um with my producer Rob Brooks and feel free. He will give you my direct line at the station and give you my direct email. If this legislation I will talk with the the waves, it means chair and I'll and I'll also talk with with the House speaker who was my high school baseball team mate and a good guy. There's no doubt there's no doubt that you will be passed in. On DIT should get through the Senate as well. I would suspect that this would go through the house pretty easily knowing the House Senate in state Senate might be a different story, but we can work on that as well. Okay. Sounds good, Dan. Thank you. Think, Mike, don't hang up. Don't hang up. Robin, give you that information. Well, so his group is entitled. What's the title of his group Bob and Mario? Pipo might get you a group, but his eyes deceive Eiffel as well. You know, the mass. Chief executive director catcher, Okay, Right. Okay, that's wanted to make sure that we identified everybody probably take quick break back with my guests. Bob DiNapoli, Mario Olivera to American Heroes. Police officers who literally Put their lives on the line literally, for all of us talking about the dangers of this job, which I never fully appreciated, and particularly this time, it needs to be fully appreciated. Coming back on night Side 617 to 5 for 10 30 Triple 89 to 9 10 30 night side With.

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