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Desired radio station from ABC news I'm Brian Clark president trump to return to the campaign trail Saturday night saw him make his case for another four years in office despite the pandemic and its resulting economic downturn we're going to have a phenomenal economy and next year we'll have a good third quarter but next year and I said it before will be the single greatest year economically that we've ever had okay president told a crowd in Tulsa Oklahoma that testing for the corona virus which has killed over one hundred twenty two thousand people in the U. S. is a double edged sword is the bad part when you test what do you do testing to that extent you can find more people you can find more cases so I said to my people please provide a campaign called that appalling Florida Saturday reported another new record number of cases more than four thousand in a day governor Ron DeSantis dismissed the ideas of finding penalizing people for not wearing masks I think statewide penalties would be problematic for for a whole host of reasons and I think we just got to trust people that you given the opportunity to do do do do the good things twelve percent of all tests in the state came back positive also Saturday president trump fired the U. S. attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman after the Attorney General on Friday said the Berman whose office is investigating the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani was stepping down Bourbon first said he was not leaving Sir Geoffrey Berman says he's gonna be leaving his office in light of the attorney general's decision to quote respect to the normal operation of law meanwhile the president is going to be nominating SEC chair Jay Clayton disservice Berman's replacement the Attorney General says Clayton is a distinguished New York lawyer though he's never served as a prosecutor A. B. C. Trevor all to thirty to Minneapolis say one person is dead after twelve people were shot in.

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