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Restore budget cuts affecting services for the disabled and st louis county executive steve sanger is being sued by four members of the county council the postdispatch reports the councilman claim is block taking the new county auditor from hiring a staff stenger says the auditor is grossly unqualified the st charles county council appreciates the police and they let them know through a resolution at county council district to councilman joe brazzale says the county's law enforcement is quote an integral part of keeping a safe there's so many people in recent weeks criticizing the police for st louis putting on a resolution giving protesters more latitude and and criticising the police for their efforts and things like that so you know i think that uh there's other opinions out there and so we're just sharon are starting to our what we think bresil wouldn't say the resolution as a shot against the city of st louis which recently rejected a resolution honoring the work it's police are doing alex steigman newsradio eleven twenty kmox a new poll takes a look at the issues that split catholics and protestants five hundred years ago on this reformation day do they still matter not nearly as much as they did five centuries ago beca alber but the pew research center says about half of protestants say both good deeds and faith in god her needed to get into in which has a historically catholic position the other half say faith alone is needed and we also see that forty six percent across the bible provide all the religious guidance christian need which if you traditionally pry belief that fifty two percent pay christian she looked from guidance from church teachings and tradition did walsh from the bible which is a position held by the catholic church reformation day is when martin luther posted his ninety five th these these on the wittenberg church door in germany leading to the split between the catholic and protestant church coming up at six thirty it's been a very good decade financially form miseries senators i'm brian kelly i'll have a look their numbers campbell exnew sign six twenty four total information on giga molex there is no denying that we are in the grip seven opioid epidemic it is a national crisis and if your family has been touched by an opioid addiction you know how it can not just affect the person with the diction but.

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