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Because I rehearse Bob. I stand up a lot when I rehearse like she takes his hand and puts on his chest and I. Think this is A. sweaty bloated forehead. Leaves. Oh, man. It's like for like the next like say, maybe even like twenty five years after that it's like it's pretty cold between them. She tells the story in her memoir in nineteen, Eighty, seven and I. Guess someone asked her about like Dibaba. Respond to this story in your. Book. The book paints a sort of warts and all portrait of Bob I mean it's not very flattering but mean, obviously she she pays tribute to his incredible artistry but he's not the most flattering thing in the world and she told the interviewer. Yeah. No, I never heard from about that. But you know what you see that's to be expected to full covers, albums of his songs and he never responded those either so. Go figure My favorite part of the book is when she says, he wrote massive war as a cash grab according to her Bob, said, you know what? I drop dead people going to interpret the Shit Outta my songs, they're going to interpret every comma. They don't know what the songs and Shit I don't know what they mean. So very loose the veil on the whole Dylan mythology I think in her memoir. I don't doubt that he said that I feel like he has said as much in interviews over the years that. He. is very averse to like analyzing his own work and he'll let other people do that but I think he's very reluctant to. Say. What songs mean or to like put any kind of importance on them although at the same time, he's not a humble person either like he will talk about how great songwriter he is and how there's no one better than him. So it is this combination of like not wanting to help out anyone who wants to understand is songs but also feeling like. I'm the Shit I'm the shit, but you don't understand it and I don't understand it and it doesn't matter I. Do think that like one of the things that has come out of all the documentaries that have been made about, Bob. Dylan has been like Bob and Joan being able to communicate to each other like through those movies like I think about in in no direction home. where I feel like there's a lot of of affection that they express for each other. You know they're never on screen at the same time. But There's that things before about how Bob Dylan's trying to explain why why he acted the way he did on that sixty five tour and he doesn't say like I'm sorry in that movie but I think it's heavily suggested that he feels bad for what happened and he has that line that I mentioned before about how he says, you know it's hard to be wise and in love at the same time..

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