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I mean it's it's a superpower it's crazy surprise me having had the opportunity i presume to do much in the way of movie musicals it sell me connie carlos probably the closest is that something that you've talked about sort of not kind of you can you can't steer your own ship too much in this industry but like is that something that you wish are still hope to kind of really do yeah i think musicals of bad name and rightly so some of the shocking but when they tastefully down and when this something real to latch onto and the music the music will enhance the story and and it can be quite profound so end joyous in depends on the story but i base very basically just missing and still write some music bits maija has very much got me kind of busy i can only imagine the music you writing during hereditary on your off time dark material artworks toni collette is there is there a pie in the sky musical that's still kind of on your bucket was the tackle or just one that you as a fan that's in recent years that that touch you that did kind of work for you no not no snow but it this allies newark that's your open so six cents mentioned as it should be a great piece of work i watched it again the other day because it holds up so well always been a fan of nights so that and that people are drawing parallels a surface level and it's really a service levels hereditary they're going to be more.

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