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But I talked to her shortly after the primary. Because I was interested in all these democratic candidates running on Medicare for all, and she even then sort of very shortly after she had become the official democratic nominee was clearly more interested in talking about how Republicans want to try to take away your healthcare and all the the downfalls of the GOP's healthcare plans, then sort of continuing to focus on Medicare for all not to mean that. I think she's, she doesn't support it anymore, but the emphasis is much different. I think when you're talking to a general election electorate versus the democratic primary voters and actually Medicare for all has become a big publican sort of message point. Yeah, Donald Trump had that. I think you guys talked about this recently that that crazy op Ed about how Democrats want to turn American Venezuela by giving everybody healthcare socialism, right. Was the council economic advisers put out this report, right? And they even they quoted our colleague, Sarah, cliff, as an example of someone who argues that a single payer system could reduce administrative costs, and they said that now use the same argument about farming. Wang, and it led to famine, mound known for his affinity for efficient healthcare. It did make me wonder what the Chinese healthcare system was like. I don't know the. Also don't know the answer to that is tragic. So that's what will be after the midterms, we're going to do a deep dive into Chinese healthcare in the fifties. So one thing that I remember from a little while ago is that NC Pelosi started talking about a culture of corruption in Washington, which it was a callback to sort of one of their big two thousand six talking points. And frankly, the culture of corruption seems a lot worse. Now, the two thousand six interational of corruption is almost quaint. So has this been playing or Democrats talk about this? Yeah, absolutely. It was kind of interesting because this is something that Pelosi has been on for awhile and certainly was a thing in in two thousand six as well. But a few months ago, I talked to congressman John Sarbanes of Maryland who has kind of been spearheading the House, Democrats, democracy task force. So he's kind of the guy that has really sort of been at least kind of putting some of this stuff into into policy and and bills that haven't really had a chance yet in in the Republic. Can lead congress. But yeah, I mean, Democrats are going in hard on an anti-corruption message because it's popular. I mean, that's kind of like if if we remember back to the twenty sixteen election, Donald Trump also ran on an anti-corruption message. His catchphrase was in continues to be drain. The swamp which Pelosi pointed out was like something that Democrats were saying back in two thousand six. So Democrats have a pretty detailed plan for what they're going to do if they do take back the house and one of the things that we'd like to point out, you know, there's all this speculation right now a couple of weeks out before the election. About how much you know if Democrats win, is it going to be a.

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