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Insurers to keep the hammer down the hammer. Down caps have gotten up seven more shooting attempts, then Mississippi State, and they pay five four portrays Mississippi State is not. Made a tray yet for a team. That's averaging eight point seven that's gotta hurt. Now. From the middle of the paint. Sal, Kentucky has steadfastly stay has seven and what's really helped again, Kentucky has four trays may state nut. So Tutsi scored football over the floor starting five four Kentucky one change for state, home and starts the secondhand place. A perry. With the ball Hagans passes to the top of the key to Washington ripples repeal the back door cut their Travis at the top hands. It to hero early into the key to Washington face drive through the lane right hand runner. Good PJ, Washington. Just can't stay with PJ off the Fouts seventeen point lead four Kip tacky for Washington. Over to the right side. Mississippi State you turn to back up front pass. Right. Dairy weather was shot in the first half and misfits passes to the left. Dick fakes drive kicks teeter straightaway. Three. Well, you knew you could throw a shutout at other. They had a couple in their bag of tricks. And that's the first one here the second half. Washington driving right into the lane Ingles backs it up in an pretty shot off the glass for PJ Washington. Got the first day of the game. He's got the I four the second half Kentucky by sixteen forty four to twenty eight to forty two takes PJ a block the shot. PJ used to body. Wonderful pretty Whitaker Bank. Shop TJ Washington. Into the lane pulls up twelve rebounds hatched by Kelvin Johnson. Outlived to comes up the left side angles to the middle of the pick for Washington turns the corner down the lane kicks to the right border three ball. No goodbye. Travis had rebound. The Mississippi State knocked away for Peter's by Higgins beat gets it back. Who's it down to the left wing picks up his dribble? Cross past very weather. Crossover dribble pulls up for three good. The top of the key points of the day for query Weatherspoon, go behind the screen. This does have the three point shooting in there. Oh for the first staff to for to here at the second. Twenty point games this season. Tell the Johnson drives into the lane at the Kentucky, and he's fouled. The foul is on dairy Weatherspoon his first and the team's first of the hat Woodard in Holman out for Mississippi State. Little more athleticism right now with water six six flanked ban. Hagen's has it out front for khaki pants with a forty four? Thirty one leads Jay Washington straightaway. Travis at the right elbow goes into the lane is blocked by a do practice. Gets it back in the right quarter five to shoot out the Hagan three to shoot Hagan. It's going to take a deep three partially blocked by Peter's dot clock. Violation on Kentucky. You got to go the shot clock. Re Travis had it locked. He chased down which is good. But at that point. Seven seconds pass out to the top of the circle. You got to drive the ball heaters walks. Mississippi statement by Higgins as he comes across. Teeters angles tapers directed comes through the lane, kicks it out to woods, right side. Three. No, good rebound. Hagans went above who'd area. Weatherspoon to grab the rebound. Crozet it up to Johnson. And to the lane looks it up as a collision in the paint. And the foul Mississippi State. Kelvin ran into some bodies would going to get called for the foul. His I kind of a reckless pled bumper Kelvin that he got away with you'd like his aggressiveness. And he does love to take. It took a real luck to see a pull up with a little six butter, Abe. Two shots here though. Easily gone with a chart retail. Good six Kelvin Johnson. So you live to fight again time you pull up shoot little runner. You hope he's got so many skills toolbox. Good. What it all comes together? It's going to be a sight to see two shots down. Gelder Johnson's Forty-six six thirty one. Doc, the attack is Peter's walks across the line. Right side of Nick, weather, three minutes. Go down. Drives business the leaner rebounded by Washington. Passes ahead. The Hagen's Hagans back to Washington down the lane left hand. Layup all go. Tapped her out three Travis has it knocked out of his hands. It's out of bounds off Mississippi State Kentucky's ball Travis was battling. But he could never get two hands on the ball. Boy, he could because state was hacked. They were walking away. Like, they were cut down pineapple. Forty six thirty one minutes gone in the second half. Pagans gets it left side. The Travis who heads it to Kelvin Johnson back the Hagans. The right side trying to feed the post Travis Johnson fifteen shoe Megan's to the right elbow through the late past quarter to Washington three good for PJ, Washington. This third three point basket of the day. He turned the corner. This is simply state collapsed. Their defense that you found PJ wide open at the corner. Seventeen points TJ Washington with Barry weather's move down the lane. Gets to the rim. Miss the runner. Rebounded by Travis knocked out of his hands stolen by water out to dairy Weatherspoon three two for the price of one. Travis hang onto the ball. And this is sippy state makes you pay that air forty nine thirty four favor of the cats. Ashton Hagans out near the time line is over to the right side between his legs. Exactly. Ball knocked away, and stolen. I turn over the decor. Hagan's ordered throws it ahead to Nick, Weatherspoon drives. And this is the layup. Rebounded by Travis. Atlanta up the left side Hagans gets into the lane. Balmakh loose hagan's picks. It up loses. It Peters has it back turnover refreshment point guard. Trump did Chucky Peters gets into the circle backs out. Looking for a shot drives on Washington gets MVP makes a u-turn bounces it over to do. Any foul by Travis on the jump hook three Travis picks up his second. I of the half on Kentucky fifteen twenty one to play time out on the floor. It's Kentucky forty nine Mississippi State, thirty four other UK sports network. So you're ready for fun.

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