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Music ahead of president trump's promised salute to America show at the national mall in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial military muscle will serve as a backdrop to president trump's remarks along with military aircraft fly overs and fire works for several thousand V. I. P. guests and members of the public the event itself is also prompting protests with demonstrators inflating a twenty foot tall balloon of president trump as in angry baby opponents say he's co opting independence day and wasting taxpayer money that's correspondent Steve Dorsey in Washington more than two dozen naturalization ceremonies are being held around the country to welcome new Americans on this fourth of July vice president Mike pence spoke at the ceremony for forty four two Americans at the National Archives for those of you who step forward today who made the sacrifices and went through the process let me say on behalf of president Donald Trump and on behalf of the American people welcome to the American family mad the long running satirical magazine that influenced everyone from weird al Yankovic to the writers of The Simpsons we'll be leaving newsstands after its August issue it's been around for sixty seven years this is CBS news sail on the best and most luxurious cruise in Alaska aboard Cunard's Queen Elizabeth contact your travel advisor or visit Cunard dot com slash Alaska it's full of three of the bay area's news station KCBS let the sun shine for this fourth of July with sixties at the coast into the mid eighties in one good afternoon I'm Susan Kennedy Rebecca.

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