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K acuity news. I'm Tiffany Cam. Hi, it's prime time spawning season for central California's endangered coho, salmon and the number of nests or reds counted. So far in streams and tributaries in west Marin is encouraging. In fact, this year's coho run is the best that area seen in twelve years here to talk all things coho is Erica Whitlinger ecologist with the Marin municipal water district. How many fish and reds have been counted? So far so far we've seen three hundred and twenty reds, which conservative estimate of to fish for each read. We're looking at six hundred forty salmon this is too good years in a row is it too early to say that habitat restoration efforts for the coho are working. I am reluctant usually to say that. Yes, we're responsible for these great numbers. But in. This case, I think there's some real good evidence. We had a record number of young fish, go out to the ocean in twenty seventeen and these are the adults that have come back. So it sure seems like that record number of young fish benefited from the habitat restoration work. That's been done has the government shutdown affected this year's count of the runner or maybe even like, the health of the creeks over there, certainly the data collection has been impacted our colleagues at the National Park Service weren't able to get out and survey the streams that they usually survey there probably would have been more fish counted. If not for the government shutdown that was aquatic ecologist, Erica Whitlinger, and I'm definitely Cam. Hi, Katie news. Support comes from personal capital committed to transforming financial lives through technology and people personal capital dot com. Next on K Q at seven thirty seven Sunday morning perspective. I'm Dave Freeman. When Richard Friedlander married. It changed him. Here's how shortly after my marriage. One of the celebrants approached me and asked do you feel onto logically different? I thought for a second then replied with a smile and a week. Yes. Then I looked up what untolerable meant briefly, it is the philosophical study of being not much of a help. But I took the question to mean has anything happened to you through your being bound to this person to change the way, you perceive your existence and remarkably I believed it had for the first time in my life. I was putting someone else's welfare ahead of my own not because I was trapped, but by my own volition, I'm not perfect. But most of the time I do very much put her welfare ahead of my own. And I'm happy when I do. So when I'm shopping, I buy things are no she will like when I criticize her for being who she is. I immediately apologize. Can this happen outside? Marriage. Maybe but never really had happened to me Menachem Mendel of carts. A Hasidic rebbe said if I am I because I am I and you are you because you are you then I am. I am you are you. But if I am I because you are you are you because I am I am. I am not I and you are not you. Sure. He did my loving my wife does not depend on her living me. No, one is twisting my arm or my conscience. Neither is this unromantic feeling onto logically different in this way can be a tremendous aphrodisiac many romances probably fall apart when the primary concern becomes what am I getting rather than what I give the only one you can change yourself. I love my wife, but she is another human being and like all others a complicated. One. I can't possibly understand her. But I do try to accept her had married. Someone else. Our issues might have been different. But my role would still be. The same. If you don't love how can you experience love from another with the perspective on Richard Friedlander? Richard Lander is an East Bay author actor and mediator, and.

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