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Toll on you and so you asked earlier about me and my personality have I let things go to my head. I tried to be even killers always because I am super grateful to be sitting here with you right now and I know that tomorrow it'd be gone so therefore my day ones I wanna make sure that they know that I love them. Care about them and that's the strongest thing that you can have is this your family and friends that are near and dear to you understand that everyone goes through something. My demons people say how do you smile you know through adversity and so I just WANNA use my platform for the good for the greater good wall still having fun and still being direct. You know Mike very powerful. Gosh Mike Johnson. I I have to say it is our loss that we don't have you as the Bachelor for season twenty four but I am glad that you have graced us with your presence on Hannah season even on Paradise. Even though I know you weren't a huge fan of that but you are a part of this bachelor family you're part of this franchise and I think that you're a really positive figure within it and so I I just WanNa thank you so much for coming on the podcast and I'm also excited because I feel like this is a question. I wanted to ask you to feel like a lot of people haven't had the opportunity to know you and you've really gone deep on this podcast and I think one of the things people would say about why you wouldn't make a bachelor is because you didn't open up origo. You didn't cry in certain instances and for all those people out there who said that take I hope you're listening to this podcast because you have opened up in a way and put yourself out. There have been very vulnerable very honest and really shown who you are and so I I mean like to all the haters out there by I want to speak on. La that thank thank you for this ridiculous. when I'M NOT GONNA call her name said I'm not going to be a good contender for the bachelor because I wasn't vulnerable enough and and ordinary cry for one where I come from when we talk about tears we let those tears out but I'm not GonNa let series out for the most frivolous things I I do cry. I am an emotional person. I am in touch with my emotional side but I'm not gonNa cry for something that you've seen fifteen other news Crawford Graf war and so that's just ridiculous to me. I I am extremely you. Ask Ask anybody that know me. Oh my God all needs to ask what's up and I'll tell you this. There are plenty of people who cry on that show and there's nothing behind those tears. It needs nothing. It doesn't mean that they'd be a goodly okay and I'm not gonNA name any names. Okay okay all right. I want to say thank you so much for coming on the podcast really do appreciate it. It was a long time coming and I wish you all the best. I'm excited to see what happens happens for you know for one. I'm not going to be here for six months or less. I know that's why me neither was Mike Johnson. Thank you so much for coming coming in today. I know you had to stay in. La An extra couple of days to make this work so we definitely appreciate it but I feel like you kind of wanted to do it anyway because this was a long time coming. I see see it on your face now so next week you guys do not forget we will have part two of the Blake interview. I promise this is one that you don't WanNa Miss. It'll go up Wednesday morning and it's worth the wait in the meantime. You can get all the latest bachelor news on.

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