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To drive in if you're facing ver- lander and this is all and you have to play small ball just to get one across the plan your for pitchers hot to we're one run is going to be the difference. I'll take a sacrifice. Just don't that baseball right now. There's a lot of those scenarios they come up occasionally particularly the season. They do Jerry but I think overall. I think that's how you the way you win. Baseball Games now is be the best slugging team right not always not always just home runs slugging percentage includes doubles triples things like that right like kids and driving it runs that to me is the way you went. Ziebel's drilled into my head good pitching good pitching always beats good hitting that wasn't I would lean on pitching the day adage adage for very long time I still think again nothing is absolute right like there needs to be a balance here right but I think that at spores offense is concerned concert. I'm less about over people way out like hell. No I know what I'm saying. I got in the regular season. No a some season yes. A sacrifice fly to me is different because you're trying to hit the ball for saying like you're trying to get a hit in that scenario but I want stealing basis like I'm done like don't steal bases either the legally so when I was a kid ricky Henderson Ricky Anderson Coleman yes they would steal one hundred bases a year. Yes on a bad year right right. Go Look at the League leader in stolen bases now what does he is. He over twenty five. I'll be surprised barely barely always understand that that's just not the way to win. It doesn't you're giving the risk isn't worth the reward in those scenarios steal the bag yeah yeah unless you have a guy that can do it or you're completely desperate true right. What was the fast guy can't hit center fielder billy? I can't remember his name. All all this guy can do with steel base. Yeah blindingly plasma can't hit right but those you have to be in a again. It's all a case by case scenario. I'm not an absolute this but I'm not I'm not stealing basis people. I'm not doing it. God You get Boring Baseball. That's pouring baseball. It's not a guide you hit it over the fence. This is true but unless you have that guy or you're in the steroid era at some point you're going to have to steal a bag or two yeah Billy Hamilton Billy Hamilton all my guy by guy can run hit. You can get into Greg. WHO's at studio listening or you go yeah because he's got the do you have the Blue Review Greg just text me and just say yes or no and I'll just text this? Is Your texting me right now anyway <hes> so anyway and I see the bubbles right now myself listening clearly at this point so you had brought up play Matthew yes so let let's do that on the other side..

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