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Because no one else substantiates sudan ios claiming court that she warned her probation officer about with this murder we have to look at daniels credibility as a source from her own testimony she was on four separate psychotropic medications she had endured a severe head injury in a car accident that caused her to wear a hat in the courtroom she hadn't been employed since 1982 and had a history of prostitution and drug abuse she loved virgil and at one point was pregnant by him though she said she miscarried that baby after being beaten on the street by someone else she wrote virgil letters about black magic and his magnetism and she wasn't pleased about his relationship with retha welsh she alternate lee said she had barely spoken to him since his arrest heat called just once never wrote a letter and yet she testified that he proposed marriage to her so she wouldn't be able to testify against him u said virgil asked him to help her murder retha in february suit told bill wilson but no one else virgils plan was towreaths throat and steel her cadillac so that he could take suit new york to buy cocaine patten did you ever try to run over mr virgil with a car when you were mad at him so that's very possible their relationship was complicated here's virgils lawyer elliot slow sir who works with various innocence projects we've talked to him numerous times in newport on the phone at his office in chicago this conversation happened to be at the cincinnati airport where he met with us as he ready to board a plane you read her testimony anders horribly none of this mason's you know this this is just doesn't seem real there's nothing to verify it here's this person with an obvious voted subset it will end ships at a william 'cause he was you apparently having nieto relationships with other women uh and she wanted to get back at him i wanted to talk to someone with legal smarts but who was more objective about this particular case so i reached out to colin miller and associate dean and professor at the university of south carolina's law school podcast aficionados will know him from undisclosed.

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