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Stuff on the morning commute kinda hit miss spurts and starts and it's over. But it could be an interesting. You're singing snow flying and heating the windshield tomorrow morning, and it could be slippery. So that's how it's going to go the next couple of days. Mccain and snow showers, really chilly afternoon. Highs does get a little brighter and warmer. Just in time for the weekend. Okay. That's good. Yeah. That's a good thing. All right. Thanks, shannon. Welcome right now. Thirty three degrees in Seattle and. Governor Inslee took his message of fighting climate change to the university of Washington today. More from komo's Jeff Pohjola took part in a panel discussion on viewing climate change as a national security threat. This is a moment of great peril. But it is also a moment of great promise because we have the ability to change our our economy to run on clean energy. Also, part of the panel retired Brigadier General Stephen Cheney and retired Admiral William Fallon, the general. Consensus was that climate change will force a mass migration of people as fresh water and other resources are depleted dissenting views of climate change and the response to it. We're not discussed Jeff Pohjola. Komo news. Republicans are demanding a refund now the governor Inslee is running for president state Senator Phil Fortunato sent a letter to the governor asking that he reimbursed the state for security costs while he's campaigning that in itself is not unusual. But Fortunato also wants Inslee to forfeit his salary. It pay for the bonuses. Lieutenant governor gets while the governor's out of state the Inslee campaign declined to comment of the governor's office says Inslee will continue to do his job on the campaign trail and will not forfeit his pay. We're hearing for people for and against to propose new requirements for concealed pistol licenses in Washington. Komo's Charlie harder has the story. So we'd come with moms demand action for gun says the proposal is to require training for people to get or renew the licenses commonly referred to as CPL's. So I think if we can keep a public safe and respect the rights that we have that we've been given. That's a win for all of this. But Dave workman doesn't agree. He's a gun rights, advocate and writer, Washington has the most CPL's of any western state and. Are going after these things simply to discourage people for exercising their right to carry. We come says that's not the case she's focused on safety. She's in Olympia to lobby lawmakers on a Bill requiring the training. Charlie Harger, KOMO news seventeen billion dollar transportation package that includes a new carbon fee and a gas tax hike. It's moving through state. Senate Democratic Senator Steve Hobbs sponsors, the legislation that passed out of the transportation committee today any carbon policy at all. If we're gonna do that. Then we need to address, and we did he recognize transportation is a driver of carbon legislation also proposes increasing vehicle registration fees from thirty to thirty five dollars to help pay for dozens of transportation projects, including a replacing the I five bridge between Washington and Oregon measure must still be approved by the full Senate, the Washington house approves a measure that would remove parents ability to claim a personal or philosophical exemptions vaccinating their school age. Children for measles. Washington's amongst seventeen states that allows some type of non medical vaccine exemption for personal or moral or other beliefs. Well, a plan to keep low income families from being moved out of their neighborhoods under mandatory affordable housing rules, doesn't go far enough that from several people who spoke to the Seattle city council's planning committee, including Bill Barker who says the rules should require builders to replace every affordable home..

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