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Right. He's got to prove them. Let's limit the pool. We talked about that unless. Like it's this elite soccer, and you've got to earn your way into it and then go from there. This is why Mexican soccer has had a problem. And today it's getting better because Lau ACA, that deck of coaches that were available before was a circle. You'll win. Boy, you're busy profit cruise. It was the mess. Now all of a sudden they're strain away from that. Sure. Bringing senior bringing these guys. Those who many said as also being blacklisted as well right now. So all these different coaches, fresh ideas, CBO these coming through Michelle, leeann, you, he's not doing that well, and it. Real all these new coaches depressed ideas. If that Dino today wants a Mexican national Jim, he's clear candidate. It's not that way I'm for good. Begun to a lot of is because we'll go Sanchez once the team. He'll tell you himself, and domas boy wants to team. No Damascus said last night. He didn't want it. Well, he said he didn't want it. Here's a, here's the problem. I have no problem, but to be direct, these guys are not candidates. They are not on the radar. No, but said, let me just certainly not. And I've said it on air in front of these in front of these men. Many times these men are in waiting. These coaches will work for our network. Networks are in waiting, right? Circling vultures waiting. They are in waiting. That's why when there's a realistic question, asked them that demands a yes or no, and they have to say something critical, not negative critical about an organization, whether it'd be a certain club, whether it be the Mexican federation. When they go mum. This is why, and we saw it last night. You want my job? No, no, no, no, you threaten my threaten my livelihood, right? The standard response from Ugo. Oh, if that does so good, go manage Argentina like, well, he did to two finals and he left because it was in shambles. The federation was in shambles at nothing to do with the sporting side of this goes on the show and says, you You know. know about the has a way better resume than any Mexican coach getting clued, Google and demoss. Well, he doesn't include it until right goal guy, but he says, as he better is better than Yugo or is the most? No, I don't think he is, and it catches the catches w off guard was what seriously. I've never seen who will go. Yeah. It was like, and the response from Bucko is no. Well, he's an MLS. He's in the sonar that forward like he's in his comfort zone. He's relaxed. Then he brings up out the Mexican league has won the last ten titles and that that's an indictment of which is not Martino smoking cigarettes on the beach up here. I don't understand. I don't wanna. I wanna get into Mexico and MLS because their their world, but it's speed worlds. Apart in many different facets into their comments about where they see the Mexican league to save the right rela and it's relative to MLS this. Let's let's one second MLS to make comments about legal magazine, a top seven league in the world, right? And blindly say, this is what it is. I mean, you've killed. Let's go really quickly. Okay, premier, no specific order. Let's just got the five big in Europe start there. Okay. Five being your Premier League Bundesliga area French league k. didn't you throw in a Portuguese league? Probably. You gotta remember, there's some really, I mean, this is really Manucher, but there's some really, really small clubs at the bottom of the Portuguese per minute. Have you. Bruce? Yes, totally better crews has a pretty significant payroll, even though they're rap. Bring it on like thirty nine, foreigners. You gotta pay those guys have to pay them. Sure. If you never pay the players. Right, right. Holland. Again, I don't know how much shirts, the Dutch league then Russia, Russia, see, here's where I don't know. I don't know what I'm saying. You can't just blindly say league. Right, totally, totally sure. Just like you can't say blindly. It's worse. You can't say it's better than those three leaks because I could lump in five leagues that I could say are there because in many different leagues, we haven't even talked about South America and exactly Brazil, Argentina Brazil and many different leagues around the world. Mexico is seen as an exotic location, just like Melissa seen as an exotic..

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